Hey Y’all!

Welcome to Look Fabuless–a Holy City girl’s guide to looking fab for less! My name is Nikki and I reside in Charleston, South Carolina. I’m starting this blog because like most women I like to shop and I like to do it smartly and cost effectively. Being on a budget, I find myself trying to look as stylish as possible without looking like I’m on a budget.

The best way to accomplish this is to know what works for your body and what your style is. This is where I come in; I plan to help you with the basics, give you inspiration, and fill you in on where to get it all. I’ll let you know of all the deals and steals of national retailers and locals as well.

As I am in the Holy City, I’m going to introduce y’all to some local retailers and give them the opportunity to show off their goods. I want them to give the inside scoop on what’s popular and even their advice on what’s worth investing in and what’s not.

I’ll invite you guys to shop local and give reviews and critiques of your local boutiques and other fashion retailers. Hey, each one teach one–no fashionista on a budget gets left behind! Not on my watch!

I also want to turn the spotlight on you guys and give you the chance to showcase your style! I’m going to issue The Fabuless $100 Challenge where you visit a retailer of your choice and put together an outfit for any occasion that totals $100 (of your own money–this girl’s on a budget)! And if you’re up for a real challenge, I may even issue The Fearlessly Fabuless $50 Challenge where the same rules apply 😉

So, there are the basic details of the blog! I hope to inform, inspire, and entertain you guys all at the same time. I’m always up for answering any questions you may have; or if y’all have any suggestions, feel free to hit me up at lookfabuless@gmail.com. You can also follow me on Twitter @lookfabuless

Nikki ❤️

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