LillyGate 2015

By now I’m sure everyone has heard of the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collaboration released in-stores and online today. And I’m sure if you’re on Twitter you were made privy of the #lillyfortarget hashtag that chronicled one of the worst brand rollouts ever! 

I was one of those angry tweeters giving play-by-play of LillyGate. I have no regrets–except that I didn’t get a darn thing!

I’d been stalking Target’s website ALL DAY, waiting for the line to go live. I’d found the perfect outfit for myself and to show off to you guys! I knew most girls would run to the shift dresses and jumpsuits and although I really wanted a shift dress, I went the palazzo pant route.


  Palazzo pant in Giraffeeey- $28

  Crochet crop top – $28

Pineapple sandals- $30

 (sorry, pics found on the fly–source Target)

It was speculated that the site would go live at midnight–no dice. Again, at 1 am–didn’t happen. Around 1:15 am a few items got leaked and the frenzy began and the site crashed. The chaos–the carnage–the Preppy Hunger Games was just beginning.

Target’s president, Jason Goldberger, was up doing e-crowd control. He said a few skus were leaked, but they still had items available as the launch hadn’t started. This was 2 am 😑. So, we waited.


3 am came and guess what? It still wasn’t live. Maybe about 3:15 am rolled around and the look book was gone and items were available for purchase in the worst layout ever. The site kept crashing and hysteria was at its highest levels! I tried to add those flipping pineapple sandals to my cart 10 times and got the 504 error every stinking time! 

Laptop up, iPhone in hand, going back and forth trying to find my THREE items for nearly 35 minutes and just when I thought victory was mine, I was brutally rebuffed! Crop top was in my cart, pineapple sandals FINALLY made it to the cart, found the palazzo pants and guess what? 


That’s right, the main object of my desires was gone. I found a pair of palazzo pants in Boom Boom, but it wasn’t the same. Giraffeeey was an online exclusive, so it made no sense to go to the store at the crack of ridonculous after staying up so late. So, I gave it up. 😔

As of 8 am, Target’s online site is sold out of everything and my local stores have been massacred. You’d think Target would have found a better way to roll out these Designer + Target lines by now. Especially, after hearing the Missoni horror stories; but I think they do it on purpose. #lillyfortarget was the top trending topic of the day. 

If you’re super pressed to own a Lilly + Target piece, you can go to eBay where I hear they’re going for nearly 3x’s the price. But, at that rate it’d make more sense to just shop Lilly Pulitzer‘s regular line. 

The odds were not in my favor, Friends. I’m a little salty about it, but at least I’ll be able to tell my children and grandchildren about how I endured the Preppy Hunger Games aka LillyGate 2015.

If you were lucky enough to score pieces from Lilly + Target, I’d love to see your haul! Leave a comment or e-mail lookfabuless to be featured.

–Nikki ❤️




8 thoughts on “LillyGate 2015

  1. Jess says:

    I definitely feel your pain! I also suffered the waiting woes and followed the #lillyfortarget hashtag like a hawk. I did manage to snag a bag and two beach towels when the mobile links were leaked on twitter. At our local store I got lucky to snag a dress while my mom grabbed up a beach towel and flip flops.

    • lookfabuless says:

      I regret not at least grabbing the shopping tote and the sandals! I’m prob gonna end up at the Lilly store tomorrow to drown my tears in a tumbler LOL

      • Jess says:

        I have a feeling when we travel to Florida on vacation next month I am going to do the same thing! I would have liked to get some jewelry.

      • lookfabuless says:

        OMG they had some beautiful necklaces and if I didn’t already have a million super long gold necklaces I might’ve fought for one!

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