What I’m Wearing: Soft Pant and High Neck Tank

Hey Y’all! Today’s outfit comes from Old Navy! I have a love-hate relationship with Old Navy because their pants are usually all cut weirdly or nothing in sized the same. I remember exchanging the same 2 pairs of boyfriend cropped chinos nearly 4 times because the 0s were a bit too fitted and the 2s were a bit loose. I ended up sticking with the 2s. 😒

To this day, buying pants from Old Navy has been something I’ve avoided heavily. But when I saw this ad:

I decided to give in and take a chance. They had several different patterns and a few different styles to choose from. I saw very cute wide leg pants, but knowing that the waist is elastic, they’d probably be pretty short on me. I hate when wide leg pants graze my ankles as they’re supposed to long enough to at least graze the floor.

So, today’s look is from Old Navy and the high neck tank was $6, but the pants were only $12.94 as there was an additional sale on them this past Saturday. The shoes and accessories are not new, but are from my staple stores–Forever 21, Alex & Ani, and Juicy Couture. 

I only spent $18.94 on the top and bottom! The pants are super comfy and are still $19, so if you’re wanting to grab a pair–DO IT NOW!


Happy Shopping!

–Nikki ❤️

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