What I’m Wearing: Ralph Lauren 

Disclaimer: I know I suffer from RBF (resting bitch face). When I’m thinking I’m smizing for my life à la Tyra Banks, I’m actually just looking über mad. <insert Kanye shrug here> Sorry.

So–hey y’all! Today’s outfit is a budgeting girl’s miracle. I went out yesterday to get my car washed and since it was such a nice day I decided to walk around my local Tanger Outlet. My initial reason for going was to visit Old Navy to find out if they had any workout gear on sale. I ended up in the Ralph Lauren store.

I normally don’t go anywhere near Ralph Lauren because broke, but I just went in on a whim. They had lots of stuff on clearance, but that usually boils down to stuff I still can’t afford. I came across a $19.99 knit polo and I started to feel pretty good about this trip.

All of their knit polos were marked down to $19.99–that’s in my price range. I can work with that. They had jeans on clearance, but I wasn’t very optimistic about finding my size or my price. Uh, jeggings for $19.99? Yeah, Ralph Lauren and I are rocking awfully hard right now. 

After a session of fitting room cardio where I fought my way into the jeans and had a lackluster encounter with sales people who believed that a size 26 (waist) was the equivalent of a size 6 😕, I walked away with a pair of jeggings and a super cute boat neck tee. I didn’t get the polo because they didn’t have my size in the color I wanted. 

Boat neck top: $26 (it was 40% off), jeggings: $19.99, the snow leopard Tom’s and pearls from Claire’s are not new. All in all, this outfit was about $45. 

–Nikki ❤️ 

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