Post Memorial Day

Hey y’all, hope everyone enjoyed the holiday! Maybe you spent time with family and friends intimately or maybe you went out and took advantage of the weather. Whatever you did, I hope you made the best of it. 

I spent the day out and about in the streets of Charleston. I started my day in Mt. Pleasant’s Towne Center where I took advantage of Old Navy’s buy one get one free shorts sale. I then had to talk myself out of the Lily Pulitzer section of Belk’s. That was the point where I knew I had to leave the entire shopping center because broke. I can to browse, not break my entire broken anyway bank.

I went down on King Street to see what Forever 21 and H&M had to offer. I need a blouse to go with a gold sequin skirt, but both stores were so cluttered that I couldn’t concentrate. I ended up with 2 of Forever 21’s basic v-neck tees and nothing from H&M. I did get a short sleeved peplum top from the clearance section of the GAP.

It wasn’t really about buying anything for me, but just getting out and being productive when I’d normally be inside at work or at home. It felt nice to just walk around and enjoy the weather and the sights even if I didn’t do the typical beach thing. 

Anyway, here’s my haul:

Old Navy–buy one get one free shorts , roughly $23   

Forever 21–$3.80 each  
Hope you guys racked up at those sales yesterday, too!

–Nikki ❤️ 

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