What I’m Wearing: Ready for Rain

Hey y’all it’s almost Friday! The last few days in Charleston have been weird as it seems to storm in the mornings and the afternoons/evenings look as if nothing ever happened. When the weather’s not good, I honestly don’t try to look too nice because I hate getting my clothes and shoes wet. It’s strange, I know. The feeling of wet clothes against my skin is the most repulsive! 

However, the morning seemed clear enough so I brought my rain boots just in case. What were the chances that the minute I left the house that the rain would start?! By the time I got to work I had to change from my trusty Toms to my rain boots 😕

Today’s look is (as usual lol) from Forever 21 and the boots are Kenneth Cole by way of Belk’s. My mama bought the boots, so I have no clue how much they were…probably no more than $40. The shirt is a bit older, but I know the cropped pants were $13.80. They’re cute, but the irritate me as they draw every piece of lint they can find! 😩 

I would say that my top and bottom cost maybe around $30, which is pretty darn affordable and business casual 😉 Well, enjoy your day! I’ll be at the gym later 😒 Pray for me lol

–Nikki ❤️

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