What I’m Wearing: Wine and Leopard Print

Hey y’all! It’s Tuesday and it’s a bit dreary out. We’re expecting rain this afternoon, so I’ve got my rain boots handy. Sure hope it doesn’t put a damper on the fundraiser that’s being held for Caitlin the pit bull mix that was abused last month. I’m debating on going to the fundraiser, as I don’t really have anyone to go with.

I think the real draw for me is that the cast of Bravo’s Southern Charm will be hosting it. I have a love-hate relationship with that show, but the people I like will be there so that’s good. Still debating on going, though…Anyway, let’s get into my outfit of the day!

My outfit looks like a splurge as the top is Juicy Couture and the jeggings are Ralph Lauren, but they were each on sale direct from both brands. The shirt I’ve had a few years and I also have it in black–it was &19.99. The jeggings I got last month for $19.99.

Accessories are the same old Alex&Ani bangles, Juicy Couture studs and dog tag lariat necklace. Shoes are by Libby Edleman via Belk’s.

That’s it! That’s my OOTD! Enjoy your day!

–Nikki ❤️

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