What I’m Wearing: High Waisted Crop Pant

Hey y’all! I’m trying to eat my lunch and write this post without evaporating, it’s so hot! I try not to complain about the weather as winter is the worst and I’m glad it’s over. This entire week is going to be in the 90’s and it’ll be a task trying to stay appropriately dressed for work when I want to be in shorts and a tank top. 

Today I tried to keep it casual and comfortable. I’m wearing a tank, but my bra is slightly visible and I don’t think it’s attractive. So, that’s why I didn’t take my cardigan off

My outfit in its entirety except the shoes–which are Toms–are from Forever 21. This is officially the last day I wear these pants. They’ve always been fitted, but methinks my weight is catching up with me. Farewell, dear friend, you were one of my best purchases and you served me well. You’ll never be forgotten.

Forgive me, this is an emotional time. Have a good day. If you can 😩

–Nikki ❤️

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