What I’m Wearing: Statement Pant

Hey y’all! We’re getting closer to Friday and I’m super excited about sleeping in late Saturday morning! I can’t get too comfortable since I’m going to a wedding that afternoon, but sleeping past 6 am is soooo satisfying! Today has been nice so far as its cooler and the humidity is behaving, so I’m comfortable in a little more fabric on my body and in actual shoes.

I actually had a bit of a debate this morning with my accessories. I realized that my silver stock is very low. I have one necklace and a set of bangles (leaf related, btw) and the only earrings I have are hoops and pretty large cubic zirconias LOL! I believe it’s time to diversify my collection. It’s important to have a good mix of metals in your accessory collection.

Anyway, on to my OOTD! 

Smizing is so obviously not working for me smh but I try, God knows I do 😂

My gray doleman top and navy/gray striped skinny crops are from GAP while my ankle strap flats and leaf accessories are from Forever 21. I got the pants and top (also have it in navy) last year and I think I spent between $20-$25 for all three items. 

I love printed pants and I think I read somewhere that the “fad” is going away. Uh, here’s the thing: some prints are timeless and are a good investment. Try looking for prints that aren’t too busy as sometimes the busier it is, the more tacky it looks and comes across as cheap. Also, with any printed piece try to pair it with something simple. If you’re not ready for print mixing, DO NOT ATTEMPT IT!

I can’t say that enough. Mix your prints with solids if you’re not ready for the next step LOL! There are some prints–like leopard print–that’s a neutral. It can be worn with literally anything! The only thing is, you have to pick the right leopard print! It’s tricky, but look for prints where the spots aren’t too close together and the traditional colors are strong. Don’t go for faded prints and definitely not the cheapest looking print. 

I think I’ll go more into this concept over the weekend. It’s worth its own post. Well, thanks for letting me share with you! Hope you like my ‘fit and got some helpful info. Enjoy your day!

–Nikki ❤️

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