Charleston Strong

Hey y’all! Today was the day we laid Reverend Senator Clementa Pinckney to rest. As you all know by now, he was the pastor of Emanuel AME where he and 8 other members of his flock were murdered simply for being black. I hope that sounded as ridiculous to you as it did to me. I still can’t seem to wrap my mind around the “logic” that would lead to something like that. 

Today a lot of citizens of the great state of South Carolina honored them by wearing navy and white (our state flag’s colors) and other memorabilia honoring their lives and our city’s strength and love. 

My $10 Palmetto State tee is from Palmetto Moon. I wasn’t able to get a “Charleston Strong” tee to wear today as they’re selling out left and right, but Palmetto Moon has reupped stock and taking preorders for shipping next week.

The Charleston Strong tee comes in navy and white and is sold in unisex sizes, the cost is $10 and all proceeds–that’s 100%–go to the Mother Emanuel Fund. 

There are lots of other shirts out there with proceeds going to the Mother Emanuel Fund, but I love the quality of Palmetto Moon’s shirts. I’m going to leave this here as the rest of my OOTD is honestly irrelevant.

God Bless 

–Nikki ❤️

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