Pardon My Absence

Hey y’all! I’m really sorry about the lack of posts this week. I’ve seemingly fallen into the habit of only doing outfit of the day posts just because they’re convenient. Not easy, but convenient–all I have to do is snap a pic or two, maybe make a collage, upload to WordPress and post. That’s not all this blog is supposed to be.

I’m still fairly new to serious blogging and I’m looking at other bloggers styles and trying to find out different tips and tricks to be successful. I’ve seen steady traffic the last couple weeks. I think I peak at 10-12 visitors a day (even though I’m probably 1 or 2 of those visitors) but I want to really grow this blog and increase traffic. 

I think I have to start by organizing and planning out my blog posts in advance, mapping out the barebones the night before, and fleshing it out in the mornings to possibly have finalized by the afternoon. Having a full time job and doing this is a tough balancing act because the only time I can post and see interactions is in the afternoons. I posted twice last Saturday evening and I still haven’t gotten any type of reactions to those, so I know night time blogging is a terrible idea. Possibly no one’s online to see it or they were just sucky posts. Either way, I won’t be doing that again.

I want to get back into the wardrobe building posts and I want to open up Friday posts to y’all! I want to show off my fashionable on a budget readers! I want to diversify my content and I just have to figure out how to get it done during the week. I may limit OOTD posts to 2-3 days of the week, just not consistently. 

I also want to improve the aesthetic of my blog and that means a better layout and a better quality of pictures. I’m working on getting a professional camera and maybe even getting Photoshop to create my own graphics. I owe it to not just y’all, but myself to make this a real, serious, professional blog. 

Lastly (at least for now), I did fully intend to do OOTD posts this week but I wasn’t feeling it. I’ll just put them here for now:

 Top from Forever 21//Slacks from The Limited–Lexie collection

Top from Wal-Mart–Miley Cyrus collection 😂//Capris turned Bermudas from Old Navy//Flip flops from Ralph Lauren//Necklace from The Limited

Top from New York&Company//Slacks from Express–Editor collection//Bangles from Alex&Ani//Earrings from Juicy Couture 

–Nikki ❤️



What I’m Wearing: Weekend Casual

Hey y’all! I had a full day, but it was full of fabulous and fabuless deals. I found all sorts of great stuff at Tanger Outlet today! Ralph Lauren has an amazing sale where the entire store is 40% off the lowest ticketed price–except for clearance items 😑 found that out the hard way at the registers. I’ll have to post my finds later as I have to exchange a few things; I didn’t have time to try anything on. I wasn’t out shopping for myself, but every shopping trip is a trip to shop for yourself, right?!

My ootd is simple and stylish and good for the day’s weather–hot and yet still breezy. My light green dolman top is an older find from New York&Company and my boyfriend shorts are from Gap. Sandals are from Forever 21 and jewelry is from the usual suspects–Juicy Couture and Alex&Ani

  My favorite outtakes 😊 

Never forget to laugh at yourself sometimes. It’s humbling and therapeutic! Also, embrace your imperfections; there’s no one else like you in the world! 

–Nikki ❤️ 

One Day, Shopping Will Be My Full Time Career

Hey y’all! I spent almost all day on my feet shopping and I’m in a good type of pain–one that comes with a sense of satisfaction! It’s one of those types of feelings you wish you could have every day. You did something you loved and felt fulfilled. I’m speaking that feeling and that sense of fulfillment and satisfaction into existence because I truly think that this is my calling.

I’m not sure how or when I became in charge of birthdays goings on with my team at work, but it’s a task I’ve come to enjoy. Last month’s birthday caused me to fall in love with Pandora jewelry as I picked out an adorable charm for a coworker’s new bracelet. I’m pretty positive that I know what I want for my birthday–preferably, the silver bracelet with rose gold clasp, a palmetto tree charm, and a South Carolina spacer for starters 😉

This month, this particular coworker isn’t very fashion forward and trying to get a sense of her personality is like pulling teeth. I’ve been asking her questions about where she shops and what size she wears in hopes to get an understanding of what she likes…and to do the exact opposite when shopping for her. It’s just that she’s a woman mid to late thirties and she doesn’t dress like one. I’m not trying to change who she is, I just want to bring some youthfulness to her look. 

I found this outfit for her at H&M! Well, I had great assistance from another coworker and her kiddos! This entire outfit was no more than $33–can you believe it?! The pants were $7, the embellished v-neck top was $5, the purse was $9.95, and the earrings were $5.95. The only thing we didn’t find at H&M was the olive green camisole; it’s from Wal-Mart and was $1.67. I think we did really well with a $30 budget!
I really hope she likes this outfit and actually wears it. It’s good for work or a casual day out. The peices can be split up and worn with different things. Y’all, I’m so excited about this outfit! It would’ve been nice to have found her some sandals or just a nice pair of shoes to wear with it, but a budget is a budget and I (okay, we) done good!

I’m gonna be able to feel like this everyday and soon, I know I will! Claim what you want–vocalize it, visualize it, pray about it, work towards it and it’ll come to pass. I believe this for each and every one of us. 

–Nikki ❤️ 

What I’m Wearing: Split Hem Tee

Hey y’all! I take my pics on my break around 10:30 or so and I post after 1:00, but since I’m home early, bed ridden, and aching I thought now would be a great time to post. I hate that I’m wasting personal time at work, but this weather and my body both said I had to go home and take care of myself. So, no complaints here just gratefulness and thanksgiving!

<This is where I start talking about my outfit and style of the day 😉>

I think it’s safe to say that I love a good tshirt. I love the comfort and the versatility and I, more than anything, love the price! What’s great about fashion is how someone can take something simple and reinvent it into something a little bit more fabulous. My top is a great example of that. It’s a split hem tshirt from Forever 21 and it’s comfortable, stylish, and affordable at $15.90!

My jeggings are from Ralph Lauren and I wrote about them in one of the earlier posts of my blog. I got them on sale for $20. I try to buy jeans in a uniformed dark wash because they’re better to wear when you’re getting dressed up to go out. Ever try dressing up a light colored pair of jeans? It’s a bit frustrating–not impossible and nothing that I’m saying you shouldn’t do, but it’s a bit of a task. 

Today’s pretty gloomy as it’s going to pour down raining at some point today and I wanted to add a bit of color to my outfit. My necklace is from the Limited and mixes a dark greenish blue colored stones with some gold accents and silver. The (Kenneth Cole via Belk’s) rain boots weren’t factored in, but they go with the weather and they’re a little bit of happy on a messy day.

Don’t let this weather get you down; your days and your health!

–Nikki ❤️ 

What I’m Wearing: Ikat Print Dress

Hey y’all! Today’s ootd is almost perfect for this scorching hot weather! The only thing I’m missing (or not missing, rather) is having my arms out. Sleeveless anything would be ideal today! 

My boatneck ikat print shift style dress and neutral colored long chain necklace are both from Express. My Michael Kors thong sandals are from Belk’s. Earrings by Juicy Couture and bangles by Alex&Ani. I’m killing it in this heat right now!

This style dress is one that works perfectly for me as it’s not too short and gives a great silhouette. It works on every body type, honestly. It’s one of those dresses where you don’t feel the dilemma of only dressing it up or down. It’s great for casual outings, work, and going out. It’s such a shame that I don’t have another like it 😩

I haven’t seen many dresses like this in my price range the last couple of years and if you’re like me on a budget then you know bargain shopping isn’t the easiest thing in the world. You have to look really hard in inexpensive places for really nice things to appear! One day I’ll share with you my strategy for shopping 😉

Lilly Pulitzer is in and out of my price range…mostly out, but kind of in. I can spend $100 on quality. That I can do because I know it’s an investment and there are at least 3 dresses in this style that I want! Best part about them is that they can transcend seasons! The dresses are $98 and since I have a birthday coming up, I might just splurge on this. Sometimes, you just have to.

Here are some words to live by when you’re feeling worn out and run down:

“Don’t cheat yourself, TREAT YO SELF!”–Tom Haverford, Parks and Recreation 

–Nikki ❤️