“As far as I’m concerned leopard is a neutral”

Hey y’all! I thought about this for awhile, but I think I can offer some pretty sound advice. Shopping and styling for me is really all just instinct. If I see something I like, I generally have an idea of how to wear it or what to wear it with. There are occasions where I may find something I like, but it may take me up to a week to think of what to pair it with.

I think those times are when I encounter a certain type of print. Generally, I like to pair prints with solids to keep the look clean and classic. The only time I may mix a print is if one of those prints is a very traditional leopard and it’s either black or brown or beige dominated. That’s pretty much why leopard print is considered a neutral–it’s made up of several neutral colors. Probably why it’s my absolute favorite!

Mixing prints is pretty tricky, but the real key is that both pieces have to have a common color. For instance if you’re mixing black and white polka dots and black and red stripes, the black helps pull things together. Though, I’m not sure I’d mix the two it’s important that they have something in common. 

  (Image via StyleBlueprint)

Floral prints can be either too much or not enough. A garment emblazoned with a floral print can either make you look spring time chic or like an old couch your grandparents had since the 70’s. Lest we forget a certain Kardashian’s first Met Gala ensemble. If you find a bold floral print top or bottom, it’s always safe to pair it with something solid. You want to bring out the pattern and keep it as your outfit’s focal point. 

(Image via Lulu’s)

Even without the matching top, this beautiful full skirt could’ve been paired with a white blouse or even a simple tshirt. Same goes for the top–a bottom in various tones would still make the print pop!

Stripes can either help you or harm you, so it’s best to figure out which type of stripe works for your body. Vertical stripes can make you look long and lean; horizontal stripes can either add or reduce width to your body. Trial and error is important here, as you don’t want a garment full of unflattering stripes making you look dizzying like those old hypnotist’s wheels. 

   (Image via EmmaGem)

Here’s a great example of how horizontal stripes can be flattering. Notice how there’s a mix or small and moderately sized stripes and they’re spaced in a way that color blocks the white in the dress.

Another key in wearing prints is fit. You want to make sure your garment isn’t too tight or too loose or you’ll end up making lots of statements–most of which you never intended to make. Fit in any situation is always important it can literally make or break any outfit. It helps you express confidence every time you walk out of your front door. 

I tried to condense this as much as I could and just throw out the bare bones basics. I tried to avoid rambling as a post on prints could go on forever! I hope this helps, but if you’d like to go further in depth on patterns and prints, EmmaGem has a a great piece up.

Enjoy your weekends, holiday, and your families!

–Nikki ❤️ 

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