What I’m Wearing: Blue Windowpane Print Dress

Hey y’all! We’re three days closer to the weekend and it just seems like this day is extremely long! Is it too much to ask that Mondays and Tuesdays just zip by, Wednesdays and Thursdays be less than moderate in length while Fridays are just right so that the weekend can be long and enjoyable? Or just Fridays a mandatory part of the weekend? I mean, come on! 

It’s pretty humid here today and it looks like it’s going to rain. I only enjoy rain when I’m safe and warm in the confines of my home. I hate getting caught in it as the feeling of wet clothes against my skin repulses me. I’ve always felt that way–especially since it floods in the city and with walking everywhere it just felt awful. 

So, while the weather’s still good and a bit breezy–lemme take a selfie! Or two or four! 

I got this pretty navy window pane printed shift dress from Forever 21 last year. I wore it on my birthday and it was hidden away in my closet until last night! I swear, I have so many things and so little space! Things get neglected against my will 😩! I’m glad I found it, though! It fits so nice and can go from casual day wear to Happy Hour (not that I go to Happy Hour…I don’t drink 😏). It was about $19.80 when I bought it. 

I paired it with a pair of blue leather Michael Kors via Belk’s thong sandals. My mom bought these sandals and they were not on sale 😕 $99. I kept my jewelry to the absolute minimum with these twisted hoops from Juicy Couture that I think I got 2 years or so ago. They were on clearance for maybe $15–somewhere between $15 and $18. And as always, my Alex&Ani bangles complete my cute OOTD 🙂

Enjoy your day!

–Nikki ❤️ 

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