What I’m Wearing: All Black Everything 

Hey y’all! Friday is almost here! Aren’t you excited? I’m particularly excited because I got some good news today as I have a potential wardrobe consulting client! That makes me so happy! Just when I was wishing someone would give me a chance, she popped up! I’m gonna do her proud 😉

Today’s outfit is a first for me–I never wear all black. Dark colors like this get linty on me quickly so I just avoid buying and wearing them. I have no idea what made me put this outfit together, but I like it. It’s very chic!

The top is a size too big and I just kept it because I like the drapey off the shoulder look. It’s from Juicy Couture and I also have it in burgundy. I got it a few years ago and it was $19.99. My slacks are classic Editor pants from Express.

These slacks are my favorite as they’re the right length and the overall fit is perfect. Well, it was until I started working out and my thighs started getting bigger. I thought I was just putting on weight, but my waist is still the same size. It’s just hard to pull things over my thighs 😒 I guess it’s time to seriously invest in a seamstress. 

The bangles features are from Forever 21. My trusty old Alex&Ani bangles are on my other arm and I’m wearing my usual Juicy Couture lariat necklace. I’m not focusing on my shoes because if had them for years and this was my second time wearing them and the darn shoes started falling apart! 😂

I can’t make this up! I had to run to my local Tanger Outlet on my break to find a replacement. I figure since I’m replacing a pair of shoes I might as well get ones I like instead of a quick pair. I ended up getting a pair of sandals from Old Navy.

Nothing fancy and they were on sale for $11 even though they were in the clearance section falsely 😑. This post is late because of the lunch time shoe run and some after work stuff, but I got it in! I’m trying and succeeding (so far)!

Well, thanks for letting me share and I hope you enjoyed!

–Nikki ❤️ 

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