Must See TV

Hey y’all! Remember back in the early 90’s when the real Must See TV was every Thursday night on NBC when The Cosby Show and A Different World were on? It was a different time back then. We were all actually at home as a family watching family friendly TV.

Despite how much old Bill Cosby has screwed himself over we can’t deny the impact he had on our lives through the aforementioned television shows. Almost everyone I know (in my generation) went to college AND chose an HBCU because of A Different World. HBCU is an acronym for Historically Black College and/or University and I’m proud to say that I’m a graduate of one.

Trust me, I’m going somewhere fashion forward with this. From the late 80’s to the mid 90’s we watched Hillman students come of age. We wanted to attend Hillman until we were old enough to discover that it didn’t exist. No matter what HBCU we attended Hillman was always in our hearts. It was and still is America’s HBCU. We all wanted a piece of that history for ourselves and someone decided to help us attain it. 

Hillman Bookstore is one of my favorite independent apparel businesses. It has t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, glasses, and sunglasses all from the Cosby (and even the Murphy) golden era. With items inspired by Hillman, the Huxtables, even Eddie Murphy’s ‘Coming to America,’ and the ever enlightened Malcolm X there’s something for everyone who wants to commemorate our slice of Americana. 

   My first purchase from the Hillman Bookstore was this gray and maroon tee. I love it and its resistance to wrinkles!

 I graduated to this maroon and white Hillman soccer jersey that fits perfectly and also hates wrinkles LOL
   Today I wore my brand new Huxtable Family Reunion tee! Honestly, I thought they were my family for awhile when I was younger 😂 I have no idea why. Talk about a bummer when I realized they were fictional 😒

 Here’s a better look at the family reunion tee. If you’re interested in keeping up with the Hillman Bookstore, you can always visit their site or follow them on Instagram: @hillmanshirts or like them on Facebook: Hillman Bookstore.

–Nikki ❤️ 

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