What I’m Wearing: A Pop of Color

Hey y’all! Today’s outfit is very simple and a mix of low and moderate price points. I tend to invest more into slacks than anything else because it’s pretty darn hard to find a pair of pants that fit right–especially if you’re in the gym and building muscle mass in your thighs or legs. These slacks are my absolute favorite and I hope to God Express doesn’t change this formula!

They are classic Editor pants and they honestly fit better than any other pair of slacks I’ve ever owned. The only downside is that I can’t find them in store and I don’t think they come in any colors other than gray and black. I have both and I’d gladly buy several more in the same color. I have a small waist and long legs, so my pants can be a bit short.

These are the only slacks that fit right in the waist and the inseam. No high waters here! I know you’re probably thinking “well why not just buy pants in long lengths?” and here’s why I don’t–I’m not that tall! I’m average height at 5’5″. Long length pants have so much fabric at the bottom that I can walk on them and my feet would never get dirty.

A lot of people think Express to be too pricey, but they’ve ALWAYS got coupons circulating. Editor pants are about $79-$80 and are well worth it! If you get 2 pairs and get a coupon that might take off $50 or $60 you’ll essentially get 2 pairs of pants for around the cost of 1. They’re also a great investment for work and interviews!

My top is from H&M and it was $10. I essentially ignored this shirt for a few months, but decided to pick it up. It’s very flattering, but next time I think I’ll get a small instead of an extra small. It’s a bit snug in the arms, but it has a little stretch to it so it’s tolerable. I love the vibrant and subtle mix of color and pattern. 

Accessories are twisted hoops from Juicy Couture, bangles from Alex&Ani, and sandals from Old Navy. I told y’all this was a simple one! 😉

–Nikki ❤️

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