What I’m Wearing: Nautical Inspired

Hey y’all! Can you sense the theme here? Yep, I went nautical! I love nautical themes and anchors and stripes! Though, I’m not a fan of small stripes that are put together so closely. They make me dizzy and honestly, my top is an example of that.

I didn’t even iron this shirt thoroughly because I got dizzy 😒 and I’m sure you’re wondering why I bought it in the first place. Because it was cuteC that’s why! From far away I was good, but up close is when the discomfort happens. I don’t look down at my shirt, so I’m usually good that way.

Here’s a better look at my top–it was hard getting a decent shot at a distance without it looking like a psychedelic blur 😂

This striped ruffle top and cocoa brown slacks are both from The Limited. I’ve had the top for several years now, but I got the slacks over the holidays. Normally priced around $80, I got them for half. That’s why is important to utilize coupons and sales! I got the slacks and a sweater for like $85!

The slacks are from the Lexi collection and the fit is curvy with room in the hips and thighs supposedly. The only thing I honestly dislike about these pants are all the buttons–three down the front and one one the inside. It’s unnecessary and a bit inconvenient, but they’re good in the inseam so I’m content. 

My anchor bracelet is from Icing by Claire’s and I got it a year or two ago when one of the stores here was going out of business. This is my first time wearing it. I’ve been hoping to find some similar earrings, but no such luck yet. Other than that, Alex&Ani on the other wrist and Juicy Couture in the ears.

FYI, The Limited is having a sale! Go stock up! 😉 Enjoy your day!

–Nikki ❤️

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