What I’m Wearing: Light Hues

Hey y’all! I’m constantly thinking of ways to stay cool in this heat while also looking work appropriate. I mixed a lot of different price points for today’s outfit. It’s a big reason why I like to buy more separates than outfits–I just like to create my own.

There are some people who run out to buy “outfits” for specific occasions and after the occasion they can’t wear it again. Or they buy things specifically to wear with something else and it doesn’t work with anything else in their closet. I like to buy classic and basics–they never go out of style and generally go with everything. 

My light green khakis are from New York&Company. I honestly hate buying pants–mainly slacks–from there mainly because the material feels like crap. It’s too thin, I don’t like the way it feels against my skin, and the inseam is not long enough in average length pants but too long in long lengths. 

These pants fit okay, but when sitting you see much ankle and some calf. These get a pass in Spring and Summer, though. They’re the only seasons where you can get away with short length pants. They’re good quality khakis, though and they fit nice. They were maybe $45.

My pink light layered cardigan and flip flops are from Charlotte Russe and were $5 each. The tank I’m wearing underneath is from Target–Mossimo collection and was probably $7-10. I think I caught it on a sale, they had accompanying boyfriend cardigans with them at the time.

My accessories are the same Juicy Couture pieces that I wear almost daily. I have a round pair of studs that I alternate with these square ones. The necklace is a dog tag lariat–you can change the length on it, but I like to just wear it long. Each piece was on sale when I bought them, though I don’t remember how much they were.

Juicy Couture is have a pretty big sale on markdowns, so it’s the best time to stock up on accessories 😉

–Nikki ❤️

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