What I’m Wearing: Printed Soft Pant and Tee

Hey y’all! I have no clue what’s wrong with me, but I’ve been tired beyond belief lately. I take iron pills and go to bed by 11:30 and I’m still fighting to stay awake 😩! Not sure if I currently have a case of the Mondays or if my job is taking 1000 tolls on me; either way, I’m hoping to get it together by the time my lunch hour is over.

Today’s outfit is incredibly simple and tremendously inexpensive. I got these soft tribal print pants from Old Navy back when they did a really big push around Mother’s Day. They were initially advertised for $19, but then another sale hit and they were $12. I got them for $12!

The first time I wore them was with an Old Navy high neck tank and a gold   statement necklace from Forever 21. This time I’ve paired it with a $3.90 v-neck tee and $3.90 gold heart lariat necklace both from Forever 21. My sandals are also from F21, but I don’t remember the cost though I’m sure they were less than $10.

My cute, on trend outfit is less than $30 ☺️! This is actually not counting my bangles or earrings which are the same ones I post about almost daily–sorry 😂! I think the outfit looks more expensive than it is because of the accessories. I told y’all that wearing the same accessory(ies) almost daily can give any outfit a sense of refinement. 

Try it out and tell me how it works for you 😉

–Nikki ❤️ 

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