What I’m Wearing: Last Minute Outfit Change

Hey y’all! I have a “what had happened” story for this ootd. So, what had happened was I put together my outfit the night before as I always do. It was my intention to wear this cardigan and the matching top (from New York&Company) with a pair of beige slacks (from the Limited). I honestly hate the slacks–they don’t feel great in the crotch area and I’m not a fan of skinny or slightly bootcut pants. I’m not even 100% sure why I bought those pants at full price in the first place, but the shade of beige was just nice and smooth.

I picked out my clothes, had them ironed, and ready for when I got dressed. I put the top on and struggled so hard getting those pants over my thighs! I finally got them up and things were fine until I had to button them. They went to the give away pile with a swiftness! I had to hurry to find another pair of pants that didn’t need too much ironing and when I did I didn’t like it with the top.

After that point, I hated the top and it met up with those beige Limited slacks in the give away pile. I threw on a tshirt and the cardigan, added my basic accessories and barely had time to do makeup and get something happening with the hair.

Today’s ootd truly is the most capable thrown together combination. I still look like I put some thought into this, right? I didn’t, but some reassurance that I look like I did would be helpful! Cardigan is from New York&Company, tee and cropped pants are from Forever 21, accessories by Juicy Couture and Alex&Ani

–Nikki ❤️ 

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