One Day, Shopping Will Be My Full Time Career

Hey y’all! I spent almost all day on my feet shopping and I’m in a good type of pain–one that comes with a sense of satisfaction! It’s one of those types of feelings you wish you could have every day. You did something you loved and felt fulfilled. I’m speaking that feeling and that sense of fulfillment and satisfaction into existence because I truly think that this is my calling.

I’m not sure how or when I became in charge of birthdays goings on with my team at work, but it’s a task I’ve come to enjoy. Last month’s birthday caused me to fall in love with Pandora jewelry as I picked out an adorable charm for a coworker’s new bracelet. I’m pretty positive that I know what I want for my birthday–preferably, the silver bracelet with rose gold clasp, a palmetto tree charm, and a South Carolina spacer for starters 😉

This month, this particular coworker isn’t very fashion forward and trying to get a sense of her personality is like pulling teeth. I’ve been asking her questions about where she shops and what size she wears in hopes to get an understanding of what she likes…and to do the exact opposite when shopping for her. It’s just that she’s a woman mid to late thirties and she doesn’t dress like one. I’m not trying to change who she is, I just want to bring some youthfulness to her look. 

I found this outfit for her at H&M! Well, I had great assistance from another coworker and her kiddos! This entire outfit was no more than $33–can you believe it?! The pants were $7, the embellished v-neck top was $5, the purse was $9.95, and the earrings were $5.95. The only thing we didn’t find at H&M was the olive green camisole; it’s from Wal-Mart and was $1.67. I think we did really well with a $30 budget!
I really hope she likes this outfit and actually wears it. It’s good for work or a casual day out. The peices can be split up and worn with different things. Y’all, I’m so excited about this outfit! It would’ve been nice to have found her some sandals or just a nice pair of shoes to wear with it, but a budget is a budget and I (okay, we) done good!

I’m gonna be able to feel like this everyday and soon, I know I will! Claim what you want–vocalize it, visualize it, pray about it, work towards it and it’ll come to pass. I believe this for each and every one of us. 

–Nikki ❤️ 

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