Pardon My Absence

Hey y’all! I’m really sorry about the lack of posts this week. I’ve seemingly fallen into the habit of only doing outfit of the day posts just because they’re convenient. Not easy, but convenient–all I have to do is snap a pic or two, maybe make a collage, upload to WordPress and post. That’s not all this blog is supposed to be.

I’m still fairly new to serious blogging and I’m looking at other bloggers styles and trying to find out different tips and tricks to be successful. I’ve seen steady traffic the last couple weeks. I think I peak at 10-12 visitors a day (even though I’m probably 1 or 2 of those visitors) but I want to really grow this blog and increase traffic. 

I think I have to start by organizing and planning out my blog posts in advance, mapping out the barebones the night before, and fleshing it out in the mornings to possibly have finalized by the afternoon. Having a full time job and doing this is a tough balancing act because the only time I can post and see interactions is in the afternoons. I posted twice last Saturday evening and I still haven’t gotten any type of reactions to those, so I know night time blogging is a terrible idea. Possibly no one’s online to see it or they were just sucky posts. Either way, I won’t be doing that again.

I want to get back into the wardrobe building posts and I want to open up Friday posts to y’all! I want to show off my fashionable on a budget readers! I want to diversify my content and I just have to figure out how to get it done during the week. I may limit OOTD posts to 2-3 days of the week, just not consistently. 

I also want to improve the aesthetic of my blog and that means a better layout and a better quality of pictures. I’m working on getting a professional camera and maybe even getting Photoshop to create my own graphics. I owe it to not just y’all, but myself to make this a real, serious, professional blog. 

Lastly (at least for now), I did fully intend to do OOTD posts this week but I wasn’t feeling it. I’ll just put them here for now:

 Top from Forever 21//Slacks from The Limited–Lexie collection

Top from Wal-Mart–Miley Cyrus collection 😂//Capris turned Bermudas from Old Navy//Flip flops from Ralph Lauren//Necklace from The Limited

Top from New York&Company//Slacks from Express–Editor collection//Bangles from Alex&Ani//Earrings from Juicy Couture 

–Nikki ❤️


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