Something New

Good morning, y’all! I’m trying something new for Mondays! I know a lot of y’all are familiar with Polyvore, but if not it’s a site where you’re allowed to let your inner stylist out by creating outfit sets. Every Monday morning it’s my intention to post a new set. There will be no rhyme or reason or price points, just whatever’s on my mind to create.

Today’s set was pretty much inspired by the fact that I’ve gotten no rest this weekend–I feel like I’ve been all over Charleston. I’ve been to some areas three times in one day! I put together a simple outfit that looks pulled together and still chic, but probably would’ve been thrown together in seconds. 

A pair of palazzos, a tank, a cardigan, sandals, sunglasses, and Starbucks are just the key to get a Monday morning started in a simple, comfortable, and fashionable way. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have this outfit LOL! I’m tossing on slacks and a t-shirt, but still with sandals so I’m not too far off.

I hope you enjoy this set and if you’re already on Polyvore follow me! I’m still ‘lookfabuless.’ I’ll be happy to follow back and like some sets!

Have a great day!

–Nikki ❤️

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