the look fabuless challenge: Kim B.

Hey y’all! A new feature I’m starting for Fridays on the blog is the ‘Look Fabuless Challenge’ and it’s open to everyone who wants show off how they achieved their style on a dime! The challenge is putting together a stylish outfit for $100 or less. The only thing I need from you are pictures of you in your outfit, where you purchased it, and a narrative would be nice (but it’s not necessary).

The first person to take the challenge is one of the most stylish and well put together people I know! Kim B., from Columbia, SC, is a young professional and budding entrepreneur. She runs a boutique called House of Credence which has the most chic accessories, handbags, and clothing.


Kim is summer wedding ready in this floral print shift dress from New York&Company ($39.95 during a 40% off promotional). Her bag is from JustFab ($29.95), her statement necklace is from Dillard’s (on sale for $14.99), and her bangles are from Express ($7.99–70% off the original price). All in all, this outfit was a little over $93

Thank you so much again, Kim for participating! If you’d like to take part in the Look Fabuless Challenge, please e-mail your pics and details to 😉

–Nikki ❤️

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