Quick Post

Hey y’all! I honestly have not a lot to say right now, I just want to take a quick moment to post last night’s outfit. I don’t get dressed up a lot to go out, so when I do I have to make the feeling last awhile LOL! I attended the Erotic Poetry show and I honestly felt over dressed. If you’ve ever seen pieces of fabric on hangers in clothing stores and wondered what they were for or how a person could possibly get into that I promise you I was in a room full of people who managed to figure it out.

  My navy matelassé two piece midriff and midi skirt set is from (you guessed it) Forever 21. I bought it back in maybe February or March and though they were priced individually, it was maybe $25 at the most. The bag is Steve Madden via TJ Maxx and the shoes are from there too (I’ve had both for awhile). 
Nothing fancy, but I liked it 🙂 Enjoy your Sunday!


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