State Arm Candy

Hey y’all! I know it’s been awhile since my last written post, but I’m working on improving things–mainly, me. I’m not going to get into anything, but I really want to get this blog on the right path at the start of the new year and change starts from within, right?


So, my main goal with this blog is showing off my ability to look pulled together and stylish on a super tight budget; however, there are times when you just have to treat yo’self! Who doesn’t live by the advice of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle?! (And if you get the reference, then you’re definitely following the right blog!) In following that key piece of life advice, I was actually treated to a late birthday gift where I opted for more arm candy.

I have an ongoing love affair with Alex&Ani bangles (and bangles in general), but this time I went with something different. I thought, how else could I show my love for my home and my favorite things but with the Moon&Lola x Bourbon and Boweties collaboration bangles?! I love being from Charleston (the unofficial capital of the great state of South Carolina), I love palm trees, and I love pineapples! All things indicative of where I’m from and now I can wear them just about everywhere I go.

The South Carolina disc is navy blue–the color of the state flag and one of my personal favorites–and plays well with the gold bangle and accents. There are more than many faults here in South Carolina, but it’s my home and I love living in the part of the state where it doesn’t snow and where there are at least 3 beaches and great shopping!

The palm tree–the state tree–disc is in blonde tortoise. I love palm trees as they absolutely remind me of home and they give me comfort. Not just part of a beach town, but parts of church rituals like Palm Sunday before Easter. Seeing them come to life in Spring and give personality to the sidewalks and shade on sunny days–it makes me happy to live here!

Pineapples may not be out state’s official fruit, but it symbolizes the hospitality that Charleston so readily offers. There’s a big pineapple fountain at Waterfront Park and I honestly can’t think of anything more welcoming while exploring the Holy City. Aside from being the symbol of hospitality, they’re delicious and my favorite fruit! I could literally eat it every day and never complain!

I scored these amazing bangles from Two Cumberland (which is quickly becoming my new favorite boutique!) on King Street–a smidge past Forever 21 near the corner of Market Street. I actually ordered them online because it just saves you the hassle of finding parking AND they don’t charge for shipping! I love it! These bangles were $34 each and well worth it. Big statement makers and undeniably cute! If you’re gonna check out Two Cumberland’s website, make sure you look for the super soft and comfy Y’ALL tee! 

It was maybe $20 and I seriously want to live in it! It’s the best t-shirt I own and well worth the price! I promise you, you’re going to absolutely fall in love with Two Cumberland, so don’t say I didn’t warn you 😉 Try not to go for broke!

–Nikki ❤️

3 thoughts on “State Arm Candy

    • lookfabuless says:

      Yes! Click the link in the post for Two Cumberland’s site or Moon&Lola or Bourbon and Boweties LOL you won’t be disappointed 😊

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