So, a group of bloggers walk into a hotel…

and it was lit 🔥🔥🔥

Last month the Charleston Bloggers Society did a meetup at one of Charleston’s newest and most divine hotels and it was amazing! The Spectator Hotel hosted us and couldn’t have done a better job at being warm, welcoming, and enticing as all get out. Talk about never wanting to go home–if I could afford to stay there for the rest of my life with the homie Toby the butler, believe me you’d never see me again.  I’d be like the Phantom of the Spectator; stowed away in suite 123, anonymously checking social media to read stories from friends and associates past that go “did you guys remember the girl with the big hair who ran the stunt on your folks in style for less like a boss blog? I heard she…” and smile devilishly in delight as my forced budget legacy lived on while I lived lavishly like Oprah.

Here’s a collage of subpar pics that I took with my phone because I have yet to take a good picture and because these rooms blew me away and I was neither worthy to gaze upon this excellence and I just was not prepared. Nothing could’ve prepared me for the envy that befell me. These rooms were crazy! Toby the butler, who you could tell was employee of the millennium, was throwing sick visual at us at each turn. Like, oh, you thought this room was great? Take a look at this–BAM! Mind blown! 

Minds were blown indeed, Tobster.  

 *cries single tear of sadness, hurt, and amazeballs like my hubby Denzel in ‘Glory;’ except that tear was of sadness and wtf is wrong with you people*

   Obligatory fancy bathroom selfie

 Outfit deets: denim shirt and jeans from Express, multiway scarf from Charlotte Russe ($10–what?!), and the boots are from a place I don’t remember but I’ve had them for awhile

 This was my first meetup with the CBS and I met some great people and had a good time. I have (social) anxiety–weird, right?–and it’s usually pretty hard to force myself out into events and situations like this, but I’m so glad I went! I picked up a lot of great information and ideas for my little corner of the interwebs and I’m looking forward to learning more at the next get together. Thanks to Gillian of Coastal Bride for these pics ❤️


Look at these cute Kendra Scott earrings I won from the CBS Instagram contest! Love ❤️ 
  Thanks to Narcisa of Narcisa H for this fun pic where I clearly look crazy…at least once. Pictured here are Narcissa Hinds, Amy Smith of Taking Steps Home and T Shantel Gadsen of Pink Verbena

 Great night, great people, great ambiance, and one great big step for socially awkward black girls with anxiety everywhere! We’re winning the war…slowly and at our own determined pace 💁🏾

–Nikki ❤️

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