Did Someone Say “Personal Shopper?”

Or am I just feeling myself a little too hard right now? 

Hey y’all! I had my first professional and paid personal shopper/stylist job this weekend and I loved it! I was contracted by one of my high school classmates to do some shopping with his adorable seven year old niece for her birthday. Shopping with children is a bit difficult, but I was up for the challenge and honestly–who could resist a chance to shop?! I know it’s a silly question–everyone loves to shop because awesome.

On Saturday afternoon I met up with them at the H&M in Tanger Outlet. She was a little smaller than I anticipated and because she’s a growing little person I threw out some of the rules about fit. I tried to stick with sizes within her age group (6-8y) and although a lot of the things we picked out were a bit too big, she still has plenty of room to grow into them. She’ll be able to wear a lot of her new things through the next two years or so which is a plus. I let her pick out things she liked and tried to build outfits around them; it’s kinda funny to be vetoed on a cream colored quilted Hello Kitty face skirt by a seven year old…like, who doesn’t dig a Hello Kitty skirt?! I was also kinda bummed that it didn’t come in my size 😒

I love that quirky cat!

By the end of our two hour shopping trip we’d found a long sleeved shift dress, a biker jacket, treggings to match the biker jacket, a fringed purse, a long sleeved sparkly butterfly t-shirt, a denim a-line top, a white and black a-line top, a sequined heart sweater, a navy cardigan with sequin embellishments, two pairs of skinny jeans, two pairs of joggers with two matching jackets, a gray cotton blazer, beige glitter bow biker booties, black biker booties, a cream and gold tulle bow headband, silver and pearl bangles, two pairs of black tights, and an owl necklace. This kid cleaned up for less than $400! Keep in mind, she can get several years of wear out of everything (the boots are iffy as her feet could grow faster than the rest of her) they purchased.

Here’s the little fashionista in one of her new outfits (that she remembered that I paired together in the fitting room ☺️)

  (I cropped her face out because she’s a baby and I’m not okay with plastering unapproved images of someone’s kid on the Internet–for her safety and mine) She wore this outfit to church the next day and those are her own adorable patent leather Mary Janes (not ones I picked out). AND she totes picked out that purse all on her own and I love it! The detail that I love about that dress is that there are pockets on the side! Pockets on a dress are everything no matter how old you are!

And not to be outdone, here’s what I wore on my first paid professional personal shopping gig:

 Yeah, I took these afterwards in the fitting room at Old Navy (where I got jeans for 1/2 price!) because I forgot to take pictures before. My bouclé jacket is an old find from Express, purple long sleeved tee is from Target, and skinny jeans/gold necklace/riding boots from Forever 21. Also, loving my matte lip color from NYX Cosmetics in Stockholm (blended with MAC’s Chestnut lip liner)!

I think it’s safe to say that I crushed my first personal shopper/stylist job and I can’t wait to do more! Hopefully, I’ll get to blog about more jobs in the new year. Any tips or feedback is much welcomed!

–Nikki ❤️

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