Glitz, Glamor, Goodbye 2015 🎉

Glitz, Glamor, Goodbye 2015 🎉

Jimmy Choo white heel sandals
$1,605 –

Stud earring set
$37 –

Gold champagne flute
$15 –


Free Spirit

Free Spirit

Bohemian top

White top
$11 –

Rag bone cut off
$72 –

Minnetonka suede shoes

Lips makeup
$34 –

Christmas 2k15

Christmas 2k15

J Crew longsleeve shirt
$46 –

H&M 5 pocket jeans
$30 –

Louis vuitton flat

Lauren ralph lauren jewelry

White jewelry
$3.91 –

Lips makeup

Urban Riding Gear

Urban Riding Gear

LE3NO denim top

J Crew slim fit jacket
$300 –

Grey shoes

Tory Burch watch

Chanel charm bangle

Lola fox fur hat

A StyleDwell Christmas 

Hey y’all! Tis the season for holiday parties! Normally I’m not in any situation where I’d be prepping for anything during the holidays, but since I’ve been blogging I’ve been generally invited to all kinds of parties and pop-up shops that occur in the middle of the week at the very end of my working day. It’s crazy! I work a Monday-Friday 8am-5pm job in an adjacent city and a good majority of these parties are on a random Wednesday and start at 5pm and are Downtown. I live in the city aka Downtown, but not in the historic district. It can take me 15 minutes to get to and/from work (depending) on traffic back in the city. 

I’d then have to rush home, wash up, get dressed, do makeup, fluff hair, get through city traffic in the Historic District, find parking, and walk. After a full day at work I start to feel real “AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!” And I just go home, take off my pants, and slide in my Snuggie and chuck deuces to the outside world. So, yeah…a lot of these invites are kinda inconvenient; but, if you want to make a name for yourself on the blogging and social scenes you’ve got to make appearances.

I’m grateful that I found the Charleston Bloggers Society because you get introduced to a variety of events that kinda mix things up. Our latest outing was *drumroll please* a HOLIDAY PARTY at a local boutique called StyleDwell. It was on a Thursday and started at 7! A totally doable time to transition oneself from work to going out! 

StyleDwell is an adorable little shop with a mix of local designers and moderately higher end designers. As a blogger on a budget, this shop’s a bit out of my range but on a day where I’d have to just say, “forget it–it’s time to TREAT YO’SELF!” I’d absolutely go there, buy an amazing piece, torture myself thinking about what I could’ve done with that money, then realize that Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle taught me and revel in my purchase!

One thing I loved about StyleDwell  was the decor. It’s got some stuff that you’d see on Pintrest and you’d think about doing it but realize that you’ve got no place to put it and you absolutely suck at being crafty but you admire it from afar. There was this crazy tree branch thing they used as a great attention getter to display necklaces. It was genius! The earrings were displayed in little crates filled with rice to hold them up–who thought of this?! You crafty human being, you! I loved it! 

The thing about me and this blogging thing is–I forget to take pictures off stuff that isn’t me. I’m going to get better at it, I swear! It didn’t hit me until after I left that I didn’t take pictures of the stuff I loved! I totes got a pretty great picture of me, though! But, if you take away anything from this post I hope that it’s the fact that I’m outright telling you to hit up StyleDwell Boutique to TREAT YO’SELF

Here’s a lovely one handed selfie of myself with Jasmine (center) and Ireana who have amazing plus sized fashion and beauty blogs! They are killing it in content, quality, and of course fashion/beauty! Click their names to view their work  
 This outfit is comprised of pieces I’ve had in my closet for a few years, but have never worn (the jacket and skirt literally had the tags removed before I put them on) and I bought the tights on Black Friday. The jacket and skirt were $8 each from Forever 21–the jacket was a clearance item for $8.99 and the skirt was regularly priced at $8.90. The long sleeved t-shirt is from Target, the tights were $4.99 from Old Navy, the boots and bag were each a bit more than $20 from Forever 21, and the necklace was $5 from Charlotte Russe.

Get this version of my look for under $70 (I blame inflation!) Blazer $11 (sale Sears), Tee $7 (sale Target), Skirt $22.90 (Forever 21), Tights $6 (sale Old Navy), Booties $20 (sale Charlotte Russe)

Did I mention to shop StyleDwell? Awesome clothes and an awesome staff–you’ll love it! 

–Nikki ❤️