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Hey y’all! Happy New Year! I posted a quote from the great Coco Chanel a few days ago that I hope we’ll all be able to live up to this year. I was gonna post this whole apology that would take this post off course, but I stopped myself. I’m not apologizing this year, I’m claiming and I’m writing and getting right into things. This blog is going to grow into it’s greatness. I’m learning and I appreciate everyone who’s taking this journey with me!

I think it’s a bit obvious by now that I’m the girl who likes to remix the traditional. I think heels are lovely and I wear them, but as unpopular as this is to say–I hate them. I hate wearing heels! My feet are narrow and my arches are high and they just make my feet hurt. I wear them when necessary, but after (or leading up to) an hour I just want to take them off. I truly have a love-hate relationship with heels, so quite often you’ll see me in flats. Boots in the winter, cute sandals in the summer, and a fab loafer or even an oxford in between.

I am 100% here for wearing boots and sneakers with dresses–a major style remix (see previous post on Chicks in Kicks and Dresses). I remember being the biggest fan of Blossom in the early to mid 90’s and that might’ve been the point where I started finding my own sense of style. It goes without saying that I was big on the flowered bucket hats, baby doll dresses, and combat boots and obviously, I still am. Maybe not so much the big flowered bucket hats, but definitely the combat boots and dresses–don’t forget the slouch socks!

To take something considered masculine and pair it with something considered feminine is (for me) one of the heights of style. It takes a certain effort and a certain pinache to pull it off and not seem like you’re trying too hard or like you’re wearing a costume. One of the aesthetics I wanted to pull off this winter was making the classic Timberland boot look super soft and feminine.

image(image via Timberland)

I wanted to pair it with dresses! I wanted to pair it with jeans and blouses! I wanted to pair it with suits–ala Tracee Ellis Ross (who is one of my major go-tos when it comes to this particular sense of style). I LOVE the way she styles her Timbs and her Jordans!

Screen-Shot-2014-09-25-at-8.43.42-AM(image via My Pink Grasshopper)

I find it funny (no I don’t) how Timberland boots and Air Jordan sneakers are now a “thing” when they’re worn by white celebrities. I saw an article on another blog discussing the Timberland boots ‘you should be wearing’ as determined by Gigi Hadid and a Jenner kid; but the entire time I read it I just kept thinking ‘people of color have been wearing these and building subcultures around these things for YEARS!’ We create it and perfect it, but it takes a non POC to make it ‘accepted.’ Go fig. But, that’s a debate for another day.

I actually got my first pair of Timberland’s for Christmas and they’ve been perfect for this crazy weather (they’re weatherproof and not bulky) and so far I’ve only worn them with jeans and joggers, but there’s much more wearing to be done!


I got these moto boyfriend joggers from an after Christmas sale at GAP–they were $13.99 so I also got them in gray. They’re quilted at the knees and have zippers at the ankles; they worked extremely well with my boots. These Timberland’s are youth size 6 and run about $130. They are costly, but well worth the price. They’re durable and as I mentioned before they’re weatherproof. Lightweight, warm without being bulky, water resistant, and breathable. They’ll last you several years if you take care of them, so they’re a great investment. And, they look pretty great with almost everything!

I created these two looks on Polyvore that embody my personal style and what I think are pretty good mainstays for everyone’s wardrobes. Good all together or broken up, but definitely some good jumping off points.

Polyvore contains looks and images from everywhere and most times, the ones we like aren’t always the most cost effective. I tried again to recreate these looks, but in a more wallet friendly way. They may not exactly mirror my Polyvore sets, but they’re good for pointing you in the right direction if you start your hunt for certain pieces.


The dress is $9.90 at Forever 21, the jacket is $41.99 at H&M, the 2-in-1 tote bag set is $32.90 at Forever 21, the beanie is $14.99 at Target, the over the knee socks are $6.00 at Target, the bracelet set and the necklace are both $4.90 at Forever 21.


The vest is $29.99, the blouse is $29.99, and the jeans are $19.99 all from H&M; the earrings are $4, the bracelets are $9, and the handbag is $39.98 all from Aldo.

If there’s anything that you’d like to see remixed my way, then let me know! E-mail me Any comments, suggestions, or style remixes of your own? Hit me up and I’ll be happy to share!

–Nikki ❤️

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