the look fabuless challenge: Ireana

Hey y’all! Happy Friday! You wanna know why this Friday is so happy? Because someone was finally willing to humor me and take the look fabuless challenge! That’s right–someone stepped up and said, “I, too, am all about being stylish and budgeted.” 

Right on, Sister. Right on.

Now, without further ado, here’s Ireana Joelle of Xoxo, I. Joelle.

 Hey fashionistas, my name is Ireana, Plus Size and Lifestyle blogger of Xoxo, I. Joelle. I’ve accepted the look fabuless challenge and this outfit came to life. When planning my style post on my blog I do my best to remix outfits. I’m a fashionista on a budget and there are times when I can’t spend a lot on the perfect outfit. That is when I hop in the car and head to my local thrift-store. Now don’t get me wrong I love other department store clearance sales but what I find at the thrift-store are one of a kind items. You make your under thrifted items come to life with your own style.

That’s exactly what I did here with this outfit, thrifted and remixed. This blue duster is actually dress that I picked up from the thrift store. I’ve been eyeing a duster from Forever 21 that resembles this dress but it wasn’t in my budget. As for my skirt, it is also thrifted.  

Duster (Dress): $5.99

Crop Top: Forever 21 Plus $ 8.99

Skirt: Thrift Store $1.99

Shoes: Christian Siriano for Payless $24.99

Clutch: H&M $9.99

Sunglasses: High Maintenance Boutique Gift 

Social media info

Instagram: xoxoijoelle

My Blog:

Facebook. Xoxo, I .Joelle

Thank you so much for participating, Ireana! If you’re interested in taking the look fabuless challenge, here are the guidelines:

  • Your outfit must be $100 or less
  • Thrifting is a thing and it counts
  • Discounts and coupons are always good

Email pics and your narrative (it must include where you purchased, amount spent, and a grand total would be nice but it’s not a deal breaker) to

–nikki ❤️




Heart t shirt

Varsity bomber jacket

Fonic Denim Jogger Pants

Lana 14k yellow gold earrings



Ted Baker bow shirt
$130 –

MSGM high rise pants

Gucci pre owned jewelry

Kenneth jay lane bangle
$260 –

Lipstick queen lipstick
$50 –

It. Just. Got. Real.

Hey y’all! Did you miss me?! I know you see these awesome outfit inspiration posts twice a week, but did you miss me and my actual content? 😂 I’m sorry. I’ve been trying to get some people to participate in my “look fabuless challenge,” but I’m not getting many takers. Maybe they don’t think I’m important enough or that I don’t take blogging seriously. I don’t know, but hopefully their opinions will change when they see this:


That’s right! I’ve got business cards now! I’ve been wanting them since the inception of look fabuless (over a year ago, btw) and I kept convincing myself that money was a factor. I thought about making them myself and got introduced to Canva by Mika of Pink Verbena and Amy of Taking Steps Home. After some pretty mediocre attempts at headers and graphics that you’ve probably seen on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter…I decided that I needed professional help.

Fellow Charleston Blog Society member Kristie of Kristie’s Reverie posted about her new blogger business cards and when I saw the simple and unique design I knew who I needed to contact. I reached out to Erin of FlorAmarilla designs and told her what I wanted and showed her the best of my lackluster Canva creation and she created exactly what I wanted! It’s simple, unique, and embodies my blog and my brand. 

Thank you sooooo much, Erin! LOVING IT!
She also turned me on to Tiny Prints, which was very easy to use. I love the fact that someone goes behind you to make sure you didn’t screw anything up! Also, you gotta love that free, standard matte–who doesn’t love a good matte finish?! You really don’t understand the level of faux importance I feel with these cards right now. I’m feeling myself real Beyoncé x Nicki style, right now.

Now that I have these awesome business cards I have to have an equally stylish and awesome way to carry them, right? Check this out:


BAM! This handmade, vegan leather, square envelope case in Gold Splash created by another Etsy vendor, All of the Abovely! Isn’t it cute?! 


Even the packaging is cute! The Charleston blog, retail, and (limited) social/networking scene isn’t ready for me! I’m coming for wigs, Friends. Queen Bey style.


Now that I’m wrapped in the proper armor of networking, my next step is to do something that I’d initially set out to do with this blog: review local boutiques! New weekly content soon come! 

You’re welcome.

nikki ❤️