Memorial Day

Memorial Day



80s t shirt

Dorothy Perkins mini skirt

Aquazzura red shoes

Chanel bag

Bling Jewelry hoop earrings

Mac cosmetic

Teal: A Swanky Boutique 

Hey y’all! It’s time again for the fabuless boutique of the week! This week I’m talking Teal

One of the most popular boutiques in Mt. Pleasant, Teal offers southern style and posh at a reasonable price. It’s definitely at the top of the trend setters list for the East of the Cooper crowd. 

Walking into Teal you certainly get an upscale feel, but after a look around you get a taste of down home sensibilities. The decor is very ‘now’ with no fear of becoming dated. It’s modern and eclectic and gives you the freedom to feel comfortable while you shop. 

The space is inviting and the furniture gives vibes of being social circle friendly (aka bring all your girls, take turns trying everything on, and get your model strut together to show it off!) Teal has a very strong heart–you automatically know where to gather.

Teal’s strongest attribute is that it’s staple heavy and trend accented. Everyone needs jeans and tops and theirs are right on course with what you’d spend at a chain store, but these are all hand selected pieces. The only downside with boutiques in general is there’s a lack of specialization in fit; however, that’s a task for you and your tailor–you better enjoy the exclusivity that a boutique offers!

Another great thing about local boutiques is that they carry great local brands. Teal offers a sweet selection of 3 Little Beads necklaces and Rewined candles. Though, carrying local brands is pretty cyclical, Teal has great representation with the aforementioned brands.

Here’s where you might find this boutique to have a gift and a curse: you go in, find something you love, try it on and the size is all wrong. It’s the last one in the store–girl, you break all into straight up panic mode. You want to stunt at an event and this was your outfit, but it’s the last one and you’re mad, sad, and fighting a Twitter rant.

We’ve all been there!

So, you ask if there’s any more in the back. The sales floor is stocked, BUT you find out that it’s probably available online. Breathe that sigh of relief, Girl. But, if you’d known it was available online you probably wouldn’t have come to the store. Gift and curse; however, you don’t regret a trip to Teal.

You just don’t. 

Here’s another tick mark in the ‘Gift‘ column, if you’re stalking their IG and you see something you love just iMessage and you can buy it. OR, if you’re stalking their IG and you go to the website to buy and you can’t find what you’re looking for you still drop an iMessage to and they’ll help you find it! Girl, what?! 

Get into this customer service!

They’ve got the warm weather shoes that everyone will be living in–open toed mules will be all the rage! Get them in both brown and black to add versatility to your denim selections and pop to your dresses. Add fun bags with pops of color and with great texture to turn heads and start conversations. 

Did I mention that everything is affordable? You’re really not spending much more than you would at a chain store. With the warm weather, you’d be hard pressed to walk out of there not finding an outfit for $100. Quality denim would put you at $60-$70, but with a cute $30-$40 top you’re still coming out strong. And if that’s still too much for you super thrifty chicks–their sale game is strong.

Stop fighting this–just let it happen. Ssshhhh. Let it happen. 

Overall, great decor and great pricing for a Charleston/Mt. Pleasant boutique. I say it’s worth the drive to Towne Center, but you might want to check online first. That way, you can sound like you know what you’re talking about when you ask questions and you won’t be too disappointed if the piece you’re coveting isn’t in-store. 

**(but my pro-tip is always to check online first, then head to the store to check availability and sizing–if you’re disappointed, you’ve saved shipping and handling; same if you’re not. also, Teal doesn’t have shipping and handling costs so #winning)**

–nikki ❤️



Miss Selfridge white tank
$71 –

Smythe denim blazer

ADAM pants

Gurhan gold earrings
$1,800 –

Loushelou diamond necklace
$1,135 –

Chanel lipstick


Ease by lookfabuless featuring a man bag

White t shirt

Tory burch shoes

CÉLINE man bag


Jimmy Choo sunglasses

Mac cosmetic