Weekend Outfit Review

Hey y’all! This has been, honestly (I think), my busiest weekend so far. By busy, I mean I actually had stuff planned to do and had to plan outfits accordingly. I had a wedding Saturday and brunch with a couple of blogger babes on Sunday–real life, look like somebody stuff to do that wasn’t work related. 

My former co-worker invited me to her wedding and since I usually don’t attend many of those, I didn’t know what to wear. I thought about going out and buying a dress. I surfed many a website trying to find something nice, but I realized I’d already had a dress in my closet that I’d only worn once. My only dilemma then was shoes. The one time I’d worn the dress was in the winter and I’d paired it with black suede ankle boots. 

It’s too darn hot for that.

So, I had to hunt for basic black heels–preferably sandals. You’d think this would be an easy task–you’d also be wrong. There are so many variations on simple black sandals and you find everything except what you’re looking for. I didn’t find the right shoe until the day before the wedding. Thank God!

(I should’ve prefaced this post with a note saying that this saga doesn’t necessarily feature full body pictures. Why? Because I stupidly forget and because I travel alone. *kanye shrug*)

I’d gotten this Juicy Couture lace color blocked dress for Christmas back in 2013–when JC was a thing and they still had stores. I’d worn it to a concert in February 2014 and it’d been in the closet ever since. 

(here’s an archived photo of an actual JC dressing room and a slightly smaller me)

Cute, right? Well, after some trying and adjusting, here’s me in it after Jennifer’s wedding:

Still cute, but bending over wasn’t an option and the further I walked the further it wanted to ride up. The moral of this story is to actually try on things in your closet that you hadn’t worn in quite some time before wearing it to a big event. Also, yes, my eyes are open. 

I take shoe pictures from this angle now because why not? I found these cute Antonio Melani t-strap sandals at Dillard’s for a great price! Side note: Black Girl Problem #384–putting lotion on your feet before putting on shoes like these will have you sliding around in your shoes like butter on tile. 💁🏾

Sunday brunch with my blogger babes was less formal but still very “Girl, you better look like a cute blogger!” And I did. Still went back into the closet to pull out an old friend. This one fit just fine, by the way. I’d found this cute black and white tie waist skirt at J. C. Penney’s; this was shocking because I generally hate everything in that store.

The wind wasn’t trying to let my side bangs be great or keep my skirt down, but shoutout to my skirt for having pockets and allowing me to hold it down literally and stylishly! I paired this skirt with a denim button down from Express and optic white Chuck Taylor’s.

Here’s a better look at my shoe situation. This look was the inspiration for my previous Polyvore outfit post called ‘Pride.’ I love a skirt or dress with sneakers, as made obvious in quite a few of my posts. Personally, I like heels but not enough to wear them when I don’t have to. If, like me, you have extremely narrow feet and high arches then you know that wearing heels is a chore. A quickly uncomfortable chore. 

But, I digress.

I had a pretty full weekend full of joy, laughter, sisterhood, and collaboration and now I’m tired. Why is work a thing? Why can’t we just be paid to exist? Isn’t that hard enough work? Just being myself is the equivalent of three full time jobs! Am I right?!

Well, this money ain’t gonna make itself. Until next time!

–nikki ❤️

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