Let me tell you a story…

The time? A Saturday morning a few weeks ago. The place? My bedroom. I’d woken up to several notifications; one of which was announcing that I’d won a monthly Instagram customer appreciation contest for Tees in the Trap. If you’re unaware of the t-shirt/lifestyle brand, they produce pieces that are right on the cusp of pop culture. With sayings such as ‘Beyoncé Wasn’t Built in a Day’ and ‘Nap Queen (an obvious play on Fetty Wap’s Trap Queen)’ emblazoned on tees, mugs, buttons, and tumblers they’re one of the most coveted brands today.

(Hey y’all! I had to forego the fabuless boutique of the week because of the weather this weekend and a previous engagement, but next week we’ll get back into it.)

I’m still not 100% sure how I won, but far be it for me to look a gift horse in the mouth! I reached out to the brand and they’d informed me that I’d won my pick of a t-shirt and a mug. BRUH. I’d been wanting one of their tees for the absolute longest time! Blame their awesome selection and my occasional indecisiveness on my procrastination of purchasing.

It took me so long to look through their products to pick a shirt and mug. The internal debate was excruciating! Girl! I talked to myself long and hard that morning! My final decision on a tee really came down to one thing. Unbothered.

I’d styled this outfit a month or two ago on Polyvore (*ahem* I style sets every Sunday and Monday) using a tee from Tees in the Trap. Also, I’ve lost count of the amount of times in a day I dismiss someone with a casual ‘Girl, bye!‘ If I didn’t pick this tee, it’d be a wasted opportunity to try to recreate this outfit in a budget friendly way! 

I got a button, too! Added bonus! Loving this tee–it’s unisex, so this XS fits comfortably and the length is perfect. I’m so ready to sip tea and throw shade from this cute mug! Y’all gotta get into this brand! Shout out to everyone at the Tees in the Trap brand for the hookup! LOVING. IT. #meanit

Obvs, an outfit post will come. Oh, Buddy, it will come.

Follow Tees in the Trap on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Featured image from Tees in the Trap.

–nikki ❤️

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