Hey y’all! fabuless boutique of the week is back and I’m taking you to StyleDwell!

This is the third boutique of this feature, I’d actually written about StyleDwell before. The Charleston Blog Society held its holiday party there back in December and I really enjoyed the ambiance, but it has definitely grown since then. You can read my first take on it here.

The space seems so much bigger now and the selection more refined. Covering fashion, home, and lifestyle StyleDwell is more fabulous than fabuless; however, there are a few things here that won’t break your budget. There’s honestly a seamless mix of high and low; but you always seem to notice the high before you notice the low.

This coral pineapple tank is $22! Y’all know how much I love pineapples and pinks are my favorite! Cool pieces like these are trendy, but not so much so that they can’t become wardrobe staples. It also comes in gray and I’m a little mad that I didn’t buy it! Cute and affordable and an example of what you can walk out of StyleDwell with without getting your counting-every-penny panties in a bunch.

This place is highly splurge worthy. It’s exactly where you’d go when you’ve paid all your bills and your bank account has transformed itself into Tom Haverford and is not so subtly telling you to ‘treat yo’self.’ So, you go and spend an hour and a half in the store debating if you really really want that dress because the price tag is looking at you like ‘I’m out of your league;’ but you’re not gonna get punked by a price tag because you’re a good person and doggone it, you deserve nice things!

Wait. What? I’ve gotten off topic; but, yeah Girl–YOLO. Shopping YOLO.

Splurge example: they carry 7 for all Mankind jeans–need I say more? Here’s a positive to go with that splurge decision: they do free alterations on designer jeans purchases! WIN!

Anyway, StyleDwell is vintage inspired heaven and honestly, there’s a little something for everyone. And they carry local brands like 3 Little Beads, Nectar, Aviate, Ash Hoffman (out of Myrtle Beach) and they’ve still got a few Charleston Strong tees!

StyleDwell is also big in the swimsuit game. They’re the only boutique I’ve seen (thus far) that even has swimwear, but it makes absolute sense since it’s on the route to the Edge of America aka Folly Beach. Chic and adorable bikinis, cover ups, floppy hats, tanks and shorts are all flanked by a modern southern summer decor.

Have I discussed the decor? I mean, this summer section is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s open and flows extremely well. It’s inviting and decorated (or marketed–see what I did there?) so well that you’re drawn right in to the hottest pieces. Ever wonder how people could spend so much time shopping in one store? With StyleDwell, it’s no wonder. It feels like home.

Bright, spacious, moderate, tasteful, on trend, and homey. You can order online, but you’d rather visit the store. If you’re a stylish mom with an equally stylish daughter or if you have a stylish mom, y’all come out on top here. I encountered a woman who came in to shop for her daughter and ended up finding things for herself. Remember when that kind of thing only happened at department stores?

I find it hard to walk in and not find at least one thing you like and even harder to narrow it down to one thing you love. You’ll enjoy shopping here–if not simply for the clothes, then the atmosphere. And if that’s not enough, by the end of your trip you’ll be on a first name basis with Christie the owner. That, in itself, is certainly worth the trip to James Island.

Follow StyleDwell on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

**side note: they get new shipments in on the daily, so it’s super fresh up in there! Give them your monies (after you’ve adulted and adulted responsibly, of course)!**

–nikki ❤️

2 thoughts on “StyleDwell

  1. Ireana says:

    Great article Nikki I love the way you described everything. I felt as if I was there with you. I’m hoping to hit them up soon for some tidbits.

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