Dandy Boutique 

Hey y’all! It’s that time again and I’m taking you to…

Dandy Boutique! That’s right, the fabuless boutique of the week is located at 43 John Street in the heart of downtown Charleston. Dandy’s a vintage inspired lifestyle boutique that features local artwork and custom made bridal pieces.

Holly, the owner, started as an Etsy vendor who created custom bridal accessories (which she still does). True to her small business roots, she has incorporated other Etsy vendors into the fabric of her boutique. She’s also featuring prints and stationary and other pieces from local artists Natalie Taylor, Frances Stone, and even Andrea Serrano aka the Charleston Shop Curator.

Also, there are some great simple and understated jewelry pieces as well as a great selection from local brand Tiny Tassels that are cute and on trend.

My first thoughts upon entering Dandy was that it was fun and intimate. I loved all the shoes, accessories, and little chachkis I encountered when I first entered the store. They definitely nailed the vintage yet modern feel with sailor printed tops, Peter Pan collared blouses, baby doll dresses, and bell bottom jeans. Paired with the right accessories (which they’ve hand picked) you can walk away from Dandy serving modern day Twiggy without a major dent in your bank account.

If you’re really watching your budget, then you’d do well sticking to accessories and their sweet Sale section; but, if vintage inspired is your jam then you’re going to love Dandy. Price points on clothing starting in the $30 range and certainly go up from there. What you’re getting is hand selected boutique quality style and with that comes the price tag. When you’ve found a boutique that sells what you love, the best way to get the most for your dollar is to get to know the staff extremely well. Find out when new shipments arrive and when they do markdowns. Shop on markdown days and splurge when you can. 

Did I mention that Dandy’s sale selection is sweet? Get that bang for your buck, Girl! Just sayin…

One of my favorite things were the lifestyle pieces! Watermelon candles,ice cream cone cups, and even flamingo floaties put me in the mood for summer soirées. The selections for Dandy are amazing; they honestly pack great visuals and style into such a modest space. You don’t feel overwhelmed, but you get a great personalized shopping experience.

My overall thoughts on Dandy is that it’s one of the most intimate and visually appealing boutiques I’ve visited this far. I love that it’s one small business housing and supporting other small businesses. It’s true to its vintage inspired roots and it’s decently priced. The accessories alone are worth the trip, in my opinion. 

Dandy Boutique is honestly a place you should get to know.

–nikki ❤️

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