Wish List Like Woah

Hey y’all! Can I be real with y’all for a minute? Do you ever shop irresponsibly? Buying things you want and knowing you shouldn’t because you have bills and adult type responsibilities? 

I’m not about that life. That’s why I have a style for less blog. I admire bloggers who dress well and have ridiculously nice and expensive things. I want to spend hundreds of dollars on dresses and shoes and bags, but the way my bank account is set up–


I occasionally have bouts of shopping guilt. I’m a good person, I work hard, live responsibly, and doggone it I deserve nice things! Treat yo’self, right?! That’s right, I’m going into Palm Avenue and I’m buying that Lilly Pulitzer dress I’ve been stalking! 


I’ll go in (and occasionally feel like they’re either ‘watching’ me or judging me for being broke–also, I’m not broke! I’m just responsible!) and look around and once I even tried something on because that was the day I was going to buy it.

My conscience said, “girl if you don’t get!” So, I got. Yep, I got all the way out of there. For some reason my brain just won’t let me spend $100 on a dress. Even if I budget it into that week  or that month my brain is not having it. 

So, I wish list it. I love a Lilly Pulitzer e-mail urging me to visit their site. I ooh and ah and envision myself in the dress or outfit I’ve stalked and then I go look at the things I can actually afford–notebooks, pens, stationary, cups…you see where I’m going. I’d like to stick to the rivers and the lakes that I’m used to, but occasionally I like to chase waterfalls.

One day.

What I’ve done here is compile my Lilly Pulitzer wish list–I mean, I do have a birthday coming up extremely soon, after all. How can you deny the colors and the prints of LP?! It’s slightly obnoxious, but I’m southern! It’s what we live for.

Top: Beacon t-shirt dress $98, Ophelia swing dress $178, Georgia May palazzo pants $138, and Reid crop top and skirt set $198. Bottom: UPF 50+ Sophie dress $138, Piper pull-on ankle pants $138, Marlowe boatneck dress $98 (both print and stripe).

(Images from Lilly Pulitzer website and Google)

Y’all see those prices, right? Right now they’re not for me. One day, I tell you–ONE DAY, I’m going to just do it. No guilt. No remorse. I’m just going to buy the expensive dress and not beat myself up about it.

Judge your mother.



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