Hey y’all! I told y’all a few posts back that I participated in a blogger photo series called #holycitychicks. The shoot, styled by Liz of Charleston Weekender and Jennifer Collins (Photography), is a monthly series with a changing theme. This series had us on the pier of Mt. Pleasant’s Waterfront Park showing off goodies from Aviate, Crab&Cleek, and Gold Creations. It was a fun chance to meet new bloggers and show off cool merch! We each also had the opportunity to do our own shots without the merch.

Participants included XOXO, I. Joelle, Thrifty Little Becca, Charleston Blonde, Charleston Brunette, and Attention to Darling. Ain’t we cute?

Let me tell y’all how Mother Nature threw a monkey wrench in my hair game. It rained. The humidity was ruthless. The wind was disrespectful. And I had to fight on a hat. I just gave up and let the elements have their way. Oddly enough, it worked out.

Because I have a major case of RBF, I told Jenn to let me know when to smile. I kinda felt like I should’ve smiled more like every one else, but when I saw my pics–Jenn really had me. My face looked great and the subtlety spoke volumes. Loved it!

The first brand I shot was Crab&Cleek. I love their totes–so stylish and durable. Perfect for a day at the Farmer’s Market, running errands, or even a day at the beach. The bag I picked matched my outfit superbly and was adorned with fancy vases. Jenn got really great body and product shots! And peep the tiny bit of my elementary school ballet game!

Next was Gold Creations! I picked the palmetto tree pendant and ring. I love palmetto trees (hello, Palmetto State?!) and was instantly drawn to the set. Liz couldn’t immediately place the earrings and found them after the shoot LOL! But I was still very happy for the set. I feel like my outfit was a perfect one for a day out in Charleston and the jewelry really made it hit home. I wish I could’ve kept them!

Last of the product shots was Aviate. Not too sure about you guys, but I love my Aviate cap! This was my first time wearing it with my hair out, but with this outfit, jewelry, and bag I couldn’t have been more ‘Saturday in Charleston’ if I tried. Well, unless I was wearing Lilly Pulitzer and Jack Rogers–but that’s a whole other story for a different day.

I didn’t change outfits, but I had a slight change of jewelry. I brought my Moon and Lola x Bourbon&Boweties bangles that I’d gotten from Two Cumberland. Liz had brought a fishing pole and since I was dressed for it, I worked the pole! I had no idea how to hold it, but I made it work. 

All in all, I think my first ever photo shoot went extremely well. I can’t wait to do another one. I’m plotting at least one in my head right now for some outfit posts. Is this supposed to be addictive because I just may have a problem! I mean, I just had so much fun and I’ve never really seen myself like this before. It was such a great experience and I’m thankful to Liz and Jenn for having me. Again, I really can’t wait to do another one. So, if anyone out there wants me for a shoot please drop me an email! In the mean time, enjoy a few more shots and please take a minute to visit all the ladies mentioned in this post. Every little click helps!



Election Season

Election Season

Christian Louboutin leather shoes
$710 – neimanmarcus.com

Kate spade jewelry
$82 – neimanmarcus.com

Linda Farrow gold glasses
$645 – avenue32.com

Ilia lipstick

Humör bar tool

She Travels in Style

She Travels in Style

River Island long sleeve crop top
$9.15 – riverisland.com

Victoria Beckham white skirt
$1,190 – flannels.com

Giuseppe Zanotti shoes

Gucci canvas bag

Smashbox lipstick

the fabuless edition: what i wore and what i saved 

Hey y’all! I am so excited to share with y’all my looks and my savings from the past weekend! Y’all. I love overalls so much. They were my go-tos in middle school as my style was dictated by the awesomeness that was the 90’s. When we weren’t in uniforms we lived in baggy jeans and overalls, fresh kicks, bubble down coats (in Charleston!), and baby doll dresses. 

What was the year? It feels like 1995. I was straddling the line between Aaliyah and Cher Horowitz. No Monets here. I wasn’t a total Betty, but you weren’t touching my style. I had the silver pair of Cher’s white patent leather Mary Jane platforms and I had Aaliyah’s Tommy Hilfiger overalls–it wasn’t a game at 13. I was giving you everything!

*I had that pen, too*

So you see what my life was like back in 1995? It was everything! Until the Charleston County School District decided we had to wear uniforms and pay them to wear our regular clothes. AS IF! But on those Tag Days–the fashion show of our lockerless halls was on and popping! We, the entire 8th grade class, served you overalls with Air Jordans, Grant Hills, and smooth Willie Ds (those are Air Force Ones for those of you not from Charleston) a la Crucial Conflict’s “Hay” video and you dealt with it!

That day still sticks with me. I miss overalls. Why were babies and toddlers only allowed this level of comfort and cool? “Why did my mainstay forsake me,” I wondered. But God.

But God said, “hey Girl, I got you. I’m bringing this one back. Get comfortable and get stylish. You’re welcome.” 

Thank you Big God. You’re always looking out! I got a cropped pair of overalls from Abercrombie&Fitch about a year and a half or so and they’ve been great. I wore them in the latest #holycitychicks photo shoot (coming soon) and while chatting with my fellow boss chicks we talked about overalls being back. I really wanted a flared pair and Old Navy and Gap had recently dropped those looks.

I went to Old Navy and they only had the cropped pair, but my girl Liz aka the Charleston Weekender told me she saw a pair at Gap and they were on sale. I saw them online and that they were 40% off the regular price and I wasn’t too thrilled. I was going to just put it off, but an impromptu trip to King Street said otherwise. 

Their sale of an additional 40% off all sale prices had me grabbing jeans I wouldn’t normally buy. I walked past the overalls several times, but I finally stopped and checked them out. $14.99 with an extra 40% off was something I could live with. I tried them on and really liked the fit, but the best part didn’t come until check out.

$4.18. AMERICAN! Y’all, I got 3 pairs of jeans for $15.56 USD! 

Do you know how excited I was to wear these $4.18 overalls?! 

*Clutch and earrings: Juicy Couture*

Do you see that face? That’s the face of a girl whose out here winning at savings! Not even caring about errant background obstructions–just saving money and happy about it! You know what I did after that? I went back and found another pair of jeans for $4.54!

You really couldn’t tell me anything this weekend. I was low key balling. H&M and Old Navy caught these dollars, too! I was cute and chic and my bestie’s baby shower!

*My new $5.98 jeans*

*Blouse: H&M; Shoes&Heart ring: Old Navy; Leaf jewelry: Forever 21; Bracelets: Pandora*

When I went back to Gap on Sunday and got the red jeans the girls who worked there said that I was the first person they’d seen who looked good in them AND they even made my but look good. I’m posting out takes right now because #winning.

Life gotten ✌🏾️