the fabuless edition: what I wore

Hey y’all! Friday evening I made an appearance at the grand opening of Maris DeHart! I get off from work at about 4 and everything started at 5, so that meant I’d get there after 6–you know how parking is set up in this city. After my fourth time around the block I almost gave up, but I lucked out and found a spot on the street. 


This weather, man. It’s hot! And I usually don’t complain about the heat, but man. It’s hot. I’m make up free, just trying to improve my skin and whatnot so I’m all about a bare face mostly because low maintenance. Literally, ain’t nobody got time for that! It’s hot, Money!

I tried (yet again) to keep it light and breezy, but Mother Nature hit me with a Kid Fury style “okay, Girl.” I went with (yet again) a maxi dress and tied a denim shirt around my waist just in case my cold natured tendencies kicked in.

They didn’t. Not even a little bit. Not even at all. But I was cute, though! 

My dress is from Old Navy and I’ve had it for years–I think it was $35. The denim shirt is from Express and was on sale for $27. The sandals and LOVE key necklace are both from Forever 21 and combined was less than $20.


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