Maris DeHart

Hey y’all! I’m back with the fabuless boutique of the week and I’m taking you to Maris DeHart! I’d actually visited weeks before the grand opening and fell in love with the space. Those windows–OMG! This locale is perfect!

I love how she hasn’t restricted herself to one thing–she’s art, accessories, home decor–and it’s bomb! The displays play extremely well with the window design and gives the store such great shape and balance. I’m actually using my original pictures instead of any from the grand opening because of space and purity. The purity of a brand new store is beautiful. Alden and her mom just making sure things looked great was what truly stuck out in my mind as an extra level of care and pride. I didn’t take pictures of them actually working because manners.

Shout out to Nashonda Hunter of The Hunter Nash for inviting me to check out the brand. She’s worked extremely hard with Maris to get this boutique up and running and their hard work has truly paid off. Everyone’s buzzing about Maris DeHart and that’s certainly a great thing! Congratulations, Ladies!

(That’s local jewelry in that there case, folks!)

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know the first thing about art, but I could stare at the walls here all day. Not just any art, but the best type of art–the local kind. Local artists of all types fill Maris DeHart. Painters, jewelry makers, handbag designers, clothing designers–a lot of Charleston and surrounding areas like Savannah are available here. I was so pleased to see t-shirts from The Original Charleo Co. in the same space as shopTAXIDERMY! Talk about mixing it up! Congrats to Charleo Co! Also, I love TAXIDERMY! I can’t afford it, but I love looking at it and dreaming!

Because there’s so much fabulessness happening at Maris DeHart, the prices vary. It’s generally very affordable with select items being a little “oh…okay.” But, you pretty much figure that with brands like TAXIDERMY and anything handmade. The clothing, though? Not bad at all. You can put together a lil something something for $100.

The accessories are my favorite at any store, but there are so many cute little bracelets there that an irresponsible me wanted to buy every one of. Responsible me was like, “girl–don’t even.” So, you know I didn’t even. Hey, when I’m right–I’m right. 

What I’m going to do now is give you a little more decor because it goes!

Have you visited the ladies of Maris DeHart yet? Definitely drop by and see what all of Charleston is buzzing about and then dare yourself not to buy anything. You’ll fail, but every one loves a challenge! Right? Go buy stuff.


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