the fabuless birthday edition: what i wore

Hey y’all! I celebrated another year on Earth over the weekend and when I tell you I’m glad to be alive you’d better believe it! I’m a grown woman–I can do whatever I want. *cue Beyoncé lyrics*

I’m. Grown.

Because I’m grown, I don’t do much. Time alone is precious and I relish it. I got my toes done and took myself shopping at Towne Center. I didn’t even mean to shop I just wanted to be out by myself and meander introvertedly.

A pass and a fail.

I lived irresponsibly at Pandora and I slightly regret it, but it was my birthday and I’m grown. Bills are paid and hair is laid (I’m just rhyming right now–go with it). I’m not gonna beat myself up about it. Birthday. Mine. Living it up introvertedly.

Since it was my birthday, I just wanted to look nice and do something different. I’d washed my hair the day before so it was still wet and I wanted to avoid frizz. I tried out a fancy scarf/head wrap situation. I can’t tie a darn thing, but I gave it a shot here.

Check out this heavily filtered (because makeup free) shot of me and my colorful head wrap. I felt like I gave bright resort wear vibes and it made me happy. Bright colors really can improve your mood! It was a great day and because it was a great day, here’s a full length birthday selfie.

The top and pants are both from Forever 21. This outfit probably cost $40 and I’m proud of it! And yeah, this is a Belk’s bathroom selfie. I’m a grown woman. I can do whatever I want! 


Judge your mother.


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