labor day steals and deals 

Hey y’all! I hope y’all enjoyed your weekends and got a good start on your fall wardrobes or stocked up for next summer. I’m not a fan of cold weather, but I’m loving the hues of the upcoming season. I love things in the burgundy/wine/ox blood color family–it’s so rich and warm and really adds a great pop of color. It wasn’t my intention to get so many things in that shade, but they just grabbed me.

I was only going to get one blazer, but the price was too good to pass up the chance to have two. These are amazing well constructed blazers with amazing shape! They look great with denim and they were 50% off at GAP Factory Outlet. I paid $35 each. Y’all, my mama made me get her one because of how great it looked on me. And that price, though!

I got this crew neck ‘love Love’ sweater from GAP FO, also for $12.99 and I hope to stock up on a few more before the sale ends. My mama had to get one, too. These prices–I’m telling you! I got the slouchy beanie from the Express Factory Outlet where everything was 40% off. I paid $14 for it, but it’s big enough to fit over my hair and that’s always a win. 

The last of my purchases from the holiday weekend was a ‘just because.’ A ‘just because’ is usually price related. You can always use it and it’s not really important that you have it, but it’s hard to say no to the price.

I got these mirrored sandals from Belk for $5. They were on clearance for $9.99 with an extra 50% off. Pretty hard to walk away from that, right? I can always get some wear out of these and they were $5. That price defends the purchase every time.

Those were my Labor Day steals and deals! Hopefully I’ll be able to show y’all the next bag I get–if I can find something that meets my extra picky handbag tastes. In the mean time, I want to hear about your hauls from the weekend! Let’s chat in the comments!


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