Hey y’all! I’m back with the fabuless boutique of the week and today we’re going to Vestique. I wasn’t initially going to go inside because it’s along the seemingly more expensive side of King Street, but my curiosity got the best of me. It’s actually very very cost effective and of course it’s on trend. Bohemian chic in the general sense of the term.


The antique inspired furniture mixed with the exposed brick gives the space this funky and fun shopping atmosphere. As I surveyed the space, checking price tags and feeling the material I started to realize that a good majority of the pieces there had Vestique labels in them–I was in a chain boutique. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it’s actually a pretty small chain. The brand was born as an online boutique in Raleigh, North Carolina before expanding into a physical location in the city. The other locations are in Charlotte (2 locations, actually), Cary, Greenville (SC), Columbia, and here in Charleston. I didn’t really intend to cover chain boutiques and I struggled with the decision to write this as I’m really big on spreading the word on locally owned and operated shops. But, these boutiques are apart of our community and we should all know with whom we’re spending our local dollars.


I think that since it’s a chain boutique, it’s able to offer pieces as slightly lower prices than what we’re used to with local boutiques. They have really cute tops–flowy, cropped, bell sleeved–ranging from the late $20’s to early $40’s price range. This is perfect for those of us venturing into the world of flare jeans for the upcoming season. Flare jeans + flowy top + statement necklace = the easiest way to slide into the Bohemian Chic look for beginners. They’ve also got cute shoes to finish off the look for rather reasonable prices, too.

The accessories at Vestique ranged from statement necklaces to statement and midi rings. I wanted to try on every ring and take them all home, but I had to contain myself. The statement necklaces were a little more pricey than a lot of the other things, but I’m guessing that’s because of their popularity. (You can catch some pictured above) They were really much like what we’ve seen with 3 Little Beads and Betsy Pittard. In that aspect, I was a little taken aback and not really impressed (why there aren’t many pictures) especially since they all had Vestique tags and not ones from an actual designer. But those rings were going for the low-low and I can definitely get behind that.


Vestique also carries Z Supply which is one of the softest, most comfortable basic-not so basic clothing lines around. You’ve definitely seen Z Supply before–think camo printed V-neck tees and joggers, but they’ve also got some pretty stylish dresses with an athleisure state of mind and a little more. I think Z Supply is carried (in small amounts) buy a lot of boutiques here (probably because they’re hot and because they’re not hard to find). You can easily go online to their website and buy directly from them if you don’t see what you want. I didn’t take pictures of it because it’s not something you’d feel like you missed out on if you didn’t hurry down to the store. It’s accessible and not really a boutique exclusive.

Vestique is actually a great little brand to shop. They do a lot of cool and intimate stuff and they have specials on certain nights (get familiar with their Facebook page for specifics). It’s definitely a spot for hosting events and your guests won’t feel like they have to recalculate their finances while shopping. It’s young, trendy, and hip and they know how to entertain and that’s honestly one of the best marketing tools to get people to part with their money.


Very smart, Vestique. Very smart, indeed.



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