Hey y’all! Catchy title, right?! I decided to try something new and allow myself to be viewed imperfectly. I made mistakes and I didn’t edit and I fumbled but I let it ride. It’s all a part of me overcoming my fears and this was scary!

I finally found a new purse after years of searching for the right one. Is that weird? I’m just very specific when it comes to things like this. My new bag takes me slightly out of my comfort zone in color, but I think it works. This is my first venture into the world of Kate Spade. I used to think the brand was just for old white ladies (I mean, it is what it is), but either its grown or I’ve grown and here we are in Purchasedville.

Check out my “unboxing” sans the box!

This Kate Spade Sawyer Street  colorblocked ani bag is in the Magnolia (my fave flower)/Clock Tower color combo. I scored it during the most recent Kate Spade Surprise Sale for $129. I can’t debate the value for this quality–it’s a steal! 

​​so this was an awkwardly fun dive into the unknown, right? Not 100% sure about doing it again, but it was cool trying something new! #goals #treatyoself 😎 


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