better late than never

Hey y’all! I probably should’ve blogged about this last week when I’d actually purchased these things, but #life. It happens. It gets in the way AND I’m a biological procrastinator. #SorryNotSorry I picked up some cute things from Old Navy’s sale last week. I always go in, but rarely do I buy; however, these two pieces really caught my eye.

I actually saw that honeycomb stitch hi-lo sweater online in a golden yellow color and that was my initial reason for going there, but those pants caught me before I even got to the sweaters. Maybe it’s just me, but a pair of red floral print pants just seem like a really great, quirky idea. Fun, yet practical. All eyes on me and my fancy pants? Well, why not?! 

These pixie pants are mid rise and ankle cut. They fit really well, which shocks me coming from Old Navy–but I’m 100% sure that my issue with them is their jeans. They just don’t fit me right in length or waist. Idk, but that’s a tale for another time. I love these pants!

This hi-lo sweater is so adorable, but the cool honeycomb stitch is an open stitch so I see myself wearing a white button down underneath. I wanted to close this outfit out with a pair of dark brown ankle boots, but I haven’t been exactly lucky in that search. I did find these, though:

I found these very cute taupe colored booties at Marshalls Home Goods. They’re Madden Girl (judge away) and they were $25. I could not pass them up. So let’s talk cost effectiveness–the pixie pants cost me $20.96, the sweater cost me $22.16, and the boots were $25.

This outfit cost $61.12 without factoring in taxes. Still less than $100 and it works all together and with other pieces. Wise investments and very affordable and I can’t wait to show it off! Photo shoot, maybe? I should probably start working on that! 


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