the Year of Me

Hey y’all! Happy New Year! I hope y’all had a great holiday and have made some wonderfully big and purposefully driven goals for 2017. I’ve made some declarations and am working on being a better me and a better blogger. Consistency is key, right? Gotta add organization in there, too. I’m allowing myself to dream big and do more. 2017 is going to be the year of me.

One great thing that’s happened so far is that one the very first day of the year, my very first outfit inspiration creation was liked and shared by the legendary stylist, June Ambrose! If you don’t know who she is, hit up our good friend Google. June created some of the most iconic looks in hip hop history and is stylist to Jay-Z, Diddy, and the like. Check out my last outfit here.

^^that’s June’s repost! She loved it! You can’t imagine how much this meant to me! Since then my Instagram follower count has boosted and traffic here has been booming and I can’t thank her and y’all enough! I’m going to capitalize on this good fortune and add to my year of me.

What some of y’all may not know is that I’m an actual author. I wrote a book a few years ago called A Sunday Kind of Love and anxiety and fear lead me to allow someone (anyone) else to publish it. Needless to say, I got a raw deal. Literally got a book published and absolutely nothing else. No push, no promotion, drama, and that’s it. I hadn’t seen a dime until last year. I had to harass them to get the ability to just sell it myself. So, I’ve got the ability to sell paperback, but not on Amazon. If someone buys it there I get nothing.

Although it stinks, I’m going to focus on the positive. I wrote a sweetly unique twist on a black love story. Those who’ve read it were cautious, but enjoyed it very much. It’s really just my take on what I think the perfect relationship would be. I know there’s no such thing as perfect, but I take a lot of creative liberty with it. 

I’m going to promote it again. I’ve got a bigger platform now and faith in myself and I can only hope that y’all have some faith in me, too. You can purchase this hidden gem here and please, when you purchase post pics and tag me in them! I’m @lookfabuless on generally all social media platforms!

Make this year the year of you. No dream is too big, no goal too ambitious–you can do whatever you set out to do. Only you can stop you, so get out of your way. Make it happen. You’ve got the juice, now. (Google that quote and thank me later)

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