Bloggers Night Out: Five Eighth Seams

Hey y’all! I can’t wait to tell y’all all about Charleston Blog Society’s first Bloggers Night Out event of the new year at Five Eighth Seams! It’s an adorable fabric and sewing shop in West Ashley. We met up on Thursday to make our own infinity scarves. Lord knows I love a good infinity scarf, but the thought of making one had never actually crossed my mind. Sewing isn’t high up on my list of doable domestic skills. It’s way way way down at the bottom. The extent of my sewing is probably putting a button back on or closing a hole. Every time I see an actual sewing machine I imagine a mishap where I’ve sewn myself to something. My hand, my shirt, my hair…there are so many potential pieces to create a mishap, so I tend to stay away.

I was assured that making the scarf would be extremely simple and not to worry. After I picked my problematic fabric that rolled up on itself and had it cut, it was time to get down to the actual sewing. The goal was to keep a straight line and it keep it unrolled as I went. I succeeded at the unrolling, but the straight line was asking for a lot. I’m not a straight line person. I’m a try my hardest to keep it straight, but understand that it’s gonna veer off course and just accept it. It is what it is. I made my line as straight as I could and got to a new step of sewing around that I had to actually do 3 times because the first time there was no thread, the second time I was on the wrong side, but the third time was the charm. I got it sewn and some magic was done and I had a mostly created by me infinity scarf!

Let’s make no mistake that I did not exactly do the heavy lifting. The ladies of Five Eighth Seams did the heavy lifting, I just tried to follow directions and comprehend to the best of my abilities. By doing this, I avoided maiming myself or sewing body parts to fabrics. I consider this a massive win. I’m proud of myself for trying, though! And look at how cute my scarf is! I love single colored tye dye!

In addition to making our own infinity scarves, we got a crash course in how to grow our Instagram followers from Liz of Charleston Weekender. I picked up some valuable information that I’ve already started implementing and I’m seeing results! I learned about some cool apps and posting techniques and I can’t wait to see the results after a few months or so. If you have the opportunity to take Liz’s class, I highly suggest you do so. Her knowledge is invaluable!

I had a really great time and I want to thank the CBS and Gillian for planning such a great event, Liz for her knowledge, and Five Eighth Seams for hosting us! Can’t wait until the next event!


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