look fabuless challenge: Dot

Hey y’all, happy Friday! Hope you’ve had a great week! I am so happy to share the first participant of the look fabuless challenge of 2017! Read all about her and get into this gorgeously cost effective look!

Hey there Beauties!

I’m Dot, A Plus size blogger of a blogging boutique Modern Day Confidence. When I heard about the look fabuless challenge I was thrilled because I love to style pieces from high to low price ranges. Like any other stylist sticking to a budget can be tuff. I know what your thinking and yes, I own a boutique but I like to create. Shopping at places like Walmart or Citi Trends for layering pieces and accessories are the best. This is where you can make your outfit come to life and live honey.

And I got all of my life with this outfit. As you can see the duster can be worn as a dress with a pair of thigh high boots or shoe of choice. This look is definitely a two for one deal.

Duster: Citi Trends $9.99

Dress: Modern Day Confidence $43.99

Necklace: Modern Day Confidence $10.00

Earrings: It’s Fashion $2.99

Sun Glasses: It’s Fashion $5.99

Shoes: Shoe Department $19.98

Bag: Gift

Instagram: Modern Day Confidence

Facebook: Modern Day Confidence

Website: moderndayconfidence.com

Thank you so much for participating, Dot! LOVE the fit! If you’re interested in participating in the look fabuless challenge please e-mail me–nikki@lookfabuless.com! 

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