the diversity of women and America 

Hey y’all! Here’s a heads up and a brief explanation of what’s to come this week on look fabuless:

I was inspired by the Women’s Marches that happened all across this country and essentially all across the world yesterday. There are some ridiculously terrible things happening with this new crew in the White House and in Congress and people are angry and speaking out.

First of all, keep your laws off my body. Second of all, keep your tiny hands off women’s vaginas. Third and finally, unless you have a uterus you can’t tell me what to do with mine.

What I’m doing this week is giving style inspiration based on typical assertions of Americans and men. “Average Joe,” “just a blue collar guy,” “Joe the Plumber,” “middle American,” and “regular Joe.” Americans come in all colors and have originated from many countries. We’re a friggin melting pot! We’ve got names as simple as Mary and as unique as Quvenzhané. Women work a variety of jobs from stay at home moms to construction worker to engineers at NASA.

What you’ll see is my spin, my take on diversity. This is how I’m choosing to use my voice. You don’t know what the person in that outfit does for a living, where they’re from, or who they are. I’m celebrating the fabulousness in each and every one. 

I hope you enjoy my creations and my choice of celebration.

(featured image courtesy of Women’s Voices for Change)

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