looks for less: River Island 

Hey y’all! I think I’m going to get back into some looks for less this week. It’s my hope to touch on a different retailer a day and talk shopability and some budgeted looks. Sound good?

Usually when I’m only Polyvore, a lot of River Island pieces find their way into my line of sight. I didn’t know much about River Island except for Rihanna doing a collaboration with them once. I’ve heard plus size blogger Stephanie Yeboah aka Nerd About Town tweet about their plus size line and that’s honestly about it. One day I decided to look them up for myself.

Am I the only person who shops the sale section first? Well, I do. I really liked what I saw! Petite, Regular, and Plus Size all together and the same pieces were generally available in each size set. The same bomber jacket was available in P, R, and PS. It’s very rare, in my experience, to see that. 

Their clothes are generally on trend and the quality seems rather good. Personally, I’d rather wait on certain items to go on sale instead of paying full price. It feels like the higher end H&M in a sense. A lot of their sale prices are extremely reasonable and sometimes shocking. From $120 to $30? I’ll take it! 

They have a lot more plus size pieces on sale and it’s nice stuff! There were times that I was upset that I couldn’t find the regular size version because it was so nice! Needless to say, River Island is definitely worth a few hours of browsing and shopping. You could get a decent outfit for $100 in the sale section. 

Y’all. River Island is popping! I have no idea how I’ve not known about this line for so long! So what I’ve done it picked some plus size pieces from the sale section and put together an outfit that could be casual or dressy–just change up the shoes.

River Island camo sequined bomber jacket– $19 and cold shoulder dress– $30; Puma Fierce Core trainers– $90; Charlotte Russe metallic quilted crossbody bag– $13.29; Spring Street metal bangles– $22; Charter Club Rose Gold Drop earrings– $19.50. The outfit without the sneakers comes to about $103.70–but the important pieces, the jacket and dress, are $49 combined! Hello?! That’s a steal!

I told y’all River Island was popping! 


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